Once upon a time...

Griffin at one month...it was already starting to thin .

Griffin today. He doesn't care a bit about his hair....and we really don't either:)

Once upon a time....

There was a little boy named Griffin, and he had hair on his head. Lots of it. It was sure nice and people would often comment on his full head of dark hair and how it made him look like his Daddy. His parents were proud. But you know, pride comes before the fall and, in this case, it was literal. Yes, that very nice hair started to fall out and very soon it looked as though that little boy's forehead started at the back of his head. And his parents would often wonder aloud, "God, what is your plan here? We miss Griffin's hair!" But God made those parents wait and wait...just to see what would happen on that very bare scalp. They learned to trust God that He had a plan and had something beautiful in mind. One day, Griffin's mama realized that they had been given a gift--at least they knew what their son would look like at age 80....bald and toothless, but very cute ;)

To be continued...


Kelsey said...

Griffin just melts my heart with his smile! Love you,


Anonymous said...

I love his smile :) Great pictures of Griffin

:) Vicky

Liz said...

You have such a sweet little guy. He is really cute...hair or not!:)

I really enjoy reading your blog.

I wanted to ask you a question...hope that's ok. I noticed in your pictures that you have a sling. I am looking at getting one but am not sure what brand. I have looked at hotslings and lucky baby wear. Any suggestions? I want to get feedback from other mommies before I buy one.
God bless!
Liz Ferguson

Becky said...

Boy oh boy what cute grandkids I have. They are both so beautiful. Even Griffin with or without hair. That will change. Parker is just growing by leaps and bounds. Have fun.
Love you all,

Munchkin Land said...

You make me laugh out loud! That is an adorable story and I just love the pictures!

By the way, when you come visit this fall, you are SO going to show me how to use a sling. I have two and I have NO idea how to use them without feeling like Hudson is going to fall ou!!

Elise said...

Hee hee - I should send you a couple of pics of my bald and beautiful boy babies! Except, mine never even had any to begin with! :)

Aleah said...

He's so cute! He looks like a happy baby!
I love your sling print - Ella still rides in hers every now & then. : )

Our kids were all born with darker hair and were bald at 4 mos also. Then it grew back blond! Did Parker's do that too?

Kimberly said...

Hair or no hair, he sure is a handsome lil thing!

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