I just got back from my dentist appointment--the one that I've been dreading for so long! I have said before that I'd rather have another c-section than go to the dentist. Irrational, but very true! I was sitting there in that darn chair having my teeth scraped with that awful tool...and thinking about why I hate going to the dentist with such passion. Yes, some of it has to do with the fact that it is uncomfortable, but mostly it is because I hate that I don't get to be the one in control! It bothers me that they have their hands in my mouth and get to point out everything I'm doing wrong in my dental hygiene...and I can't even defend myself because my mouth is full!

Control--I don't like that part of me. It's yucky. And the dentist is such a small issue--I have more, of course. And lucky you, I'll be sharing about them on here because it is something I want to work on. It definitely isn't something I want to teach my children. More to come...


Jen said...

This is something I have to deal with on a daily basis! I think the things I want to control most are:
1. Our (future) children's choices
2. My career
It's so hard to let go and not try to manipulate situations.
You're in my prayers and I can't wait to see you soon!
ps. I'm pretty sure your boys are the sweetest things I've ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to go to the dentist too


Munchkin Land said...

*Sigh* I so hear you on the control-issue. Its really hard for me to lay things at God's feet because a) I want to know what going on, RIGHT NOW and b) it means that I don't get to make a plan for whatever is coming my way. =) You are not alone, my friend!

Kimberly said...

Oh Amy,. I hear ya on that one. I have really sensitive teeth so anytime they have to do anything that requires numbing they have to numb me like 2-3 times before I dont feel it! I don't like not having that control either. I should make an appoitntment soon.

Aleah said...

At least the appointment is out of the way now!
I don't like feeling out of control either. Especially when someone else is driving or on airplanes!

Kati said...

Um Yeah...the dentist and I...not such good friends!

Amen to the control thing. I think this is an area that many of us need to work on. I daily try to give up control of various parts of my life to God and others...but it's very hard prying my fingers loose!

From the Woodlands said...

I got a good laugh from this post, I can totally relate to the control thing too! Especially after having a reaction to the stuff they use to numb you... : (

I'm like, um, we won't use that again, -Mr Dentist! Actually, we really like our dentist, it was partly my fault, I had only had coffee for breakfast.


Amy said...

I agree on the Dentist. It's not the control for me as much as the fear! I can handle natural childbirth easier than Dental pain!

Cute sling! And very cute little boys. My boys are the same age distance and they are great friends and buddies now. They are now 3 and 5. Growing up way to fast.

Author said...

Whe the dentist told me I would need a root canal I told him to pull the tooth out, that I don't care if I look hideous. I sympathize. I went in for a clean up and was shaking so much that on one instance he said, "You're making me nervous!"

Elise said...

I really hate the dentist, too- and really should go more often so it wouldn't be as bad! ;)

We all have areas we want to control - you are not alone! But I do look forward to hearing what you are learning, so that I may learn more, too...


AndiMae said...

Oh, geesh. Just reading about going to the dentist makes me cringe!! Does anyone really like it? Random crazy fact: two guys that I graduated from high school with actually became dentists! I can't imagine wanting to go into that profession...

And the control thing? Well, you know that I am a total control freak myself. Remember when Erik and I were planning our wedding and how I had such a hard time delegating stuff b/c I wanted to do everything myself? I think that I have improved a little in this area in the last seven years, but like Elise said, I would love to hear your thoughts so that I can hopefully grow more in this area!

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