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It has been one of those light, easy, joyful days that must come along once in a while in order to keep some perspective! You know, when people told me that motherhood would be tough, I really believed it. I understood that it would be the hardest job of my life. But I really didn't know what that "hard" would feel like. It is such a mental game sometimes. I like to tell people that being a mother is harder than I expected, but it is also even better than I expected--and I've wanted to be a mom my entire life.

Today I decided to stay home with the boys and let Griffin enjoy long naps in his own bed instead of his carseat or stroller. And he has sure enjoyed himself--he's been sleeping all but about an hour since 7 am....and it is after 1 now! He's over four months and still sleeps like a newborn. So great.

I also just wanted to stay home and enjoy time with Parker. I've tried to get a few things done here and there, but mostly we've just been hanging out. He is helping me put together a music play list. I've really enjoyed going to all of your blogs with music, so I've decided to do one for my blog too! So next time you come here, make sure your speakers aren't turned up too high, because you might wake up some napping kiddos or something. Yeah, this is speaking from experience! Parker has helped me pick some of his favorite songs to dance to...he especially likes the Bon Jovi/Sugarland song. Me too. We spin round and round in the kitchen and he gets to jump off the counter into my arms. I know, we're not creating good habits, but we're creating good memories! And by the way, you don't even have to turn your speakers down when you hear the James Blunt song come on because I got the radio version ;)

I just re-read my last paragraph--I am such a blessed woman. I get to stay at home and dance with my sons. Yes, as hard as it is...nothing could be better.

We took the boys to a minor league baseball game the other night for Father's Day. The boys did great and it was so fun to do something together as a family of four. I actually didn't pay much attention to the game because I was having too much fun eating kettle corn, but Joel enjoyed himself...which was the point. Parker found a little friend and tried to share his cars with him. Tried--sharing is hard at two. And Griffin tried to sleep. Again, he tried:)

Happy Friday to you all...


Wendy said...

We've had a similar day here. We've had tornado warnings off and on all day and my kids were a little scared. I am glad I was here for them, to talk to them about it.

Sounds like a great Father's Day! :)

Aleah said...

We've had a grocery shopping kind of day - but Philip has the day off so all is good!
Sounds like your having my favorite type of day, taking it easy at home. : )
Cute pictures of Parker - he has such blue blue eyes!
Have a good weekend!
Oh, and can't wait to hear your play list!

Love, Aleah

Tammy said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day! And I'm sure the boys loved the baseball game. :)

Oh, and I sent you an e-mail several days ago, but I'm not sure if you got it or not.

Anyway, have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day :) Have a good weekend


Stacey said...

Amen! (About the staying home blessing!!)
Today we snuggled in the bed and watched cartoons and listened to the rain.
Yesterday we danced in the puddles in the street all afternoon - they had fun soaking mom, then we all had a bath for another hour! What a delightful way to pass a day!

Munchkin Land said...

*Sigh* I want so badly to join in the ranks of stay-at-home mothers. I may just have to settle for part-time stay-at-home motherhood. What a delightful way to spend the day!

It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the game! It was wonderful talking to you the other day. Have a great weekend!!

Ruth said...

Nice to hear you had a nice day with the kids. I love your playlist.Music is great and didn't know that was available. May have add one of my own. :)

Jamie said...

I'm so glad you've had some great time at home to do nothing but be together. I've enjoyed reading the last few days of your blogging. You really are a great mom to those boys.

Elise said...

Yes - I, for one, love those days that pop in unannounced and bring a little perspective - and rest!

Sounds like the game was great fun! Mmmmm...kettle corn. ;)

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