mommy talk #5

What was your favorite maternity
"could not do without" items?

So I'm a little late on this...my brain was taking a vacation on Memorial Day!
In addition to many of my favorite maternity clothes (which made me feel cute even when I wasn't), I have two must-have items:

1. The Bella Band...or a product like it.

With this wonderful item, you might even be able to get away with never wearing maternity clothes at all. I used it my entire pregnancy. It saves money and allows you to wear your favorite clothes, no matter how big you get.

2. Tae Bo DVD

I tried to do this workout throughout both pregnancies. I love it because I enjoy kick boxing and I could modify the moves to fit my ever-changing body. It was the one thing that was able to make me feel like I was in control of the some part of my life!

*end of mommy talk!*

So this has nothing to do with the above subject, but did anyone watch the Miss Universe pageant last night? I was up late watching some TV because I was making some milk for my baby...which, by the way, also makes me feel similar to Jenn:) Anyway, our very own Miss USA was going down the runway by herself and tripped and fell on her backside right in the middle of the evening gown competition. And it wasn't a pretty fall whatsoever! At first I started cracking up laughing because it was so hideous...but then I felt bad for her! How embarrassing and disappointing to train up for a competition like Miss Universe and fall on your butt! Poor thing. But she still got fifth place. Hmmmm....end of tangent...


Kelsey said...

Ok, so I have two comments. First, watching you do Tae Bo while pregnant is one of the most entertaining things I have seen in my life! I know of very few women who can kick box at 8 months pregnant like you can...just the image of it in my head makes me smile! And second, as I already told you during our phone conversation, watching Miss USA fall was truly funny! I know it is horrible to say, but it really made my night! Oh geesh! I love you.


Ruth said...

Hi Amy!

I did not watch the Miss Universe pageant, but would've laughed, too. But it is sad when the whole world is watching.

To answer your question from last week, I love the Rob Thomas c.d. His self titled one right?? Yeah, I could not get enough of it when I bought it and can honestly say I liked more than three songs on it, which sadly, is unusual.

Kimberly said...

Kickboxing huh? Wow, I give you props b/c I couldn't even find the energy to scratch my head! j/k Yeah I have the Bella Band also and LOVED it! I used min all of the time

Jann said...

Kickboxing while pregnant? You are officially my new hero!

Munchkin Land said...

Wow!! Tae Bo, huh?! I agree, you are now my hero. I can't imagine having the energy to do that. =) No wonder you're in such good shape mere months after their births.

So you pulled the cow thing the other night, huh?! The things we do for our boys!! =)

AndiMae said...

Girl, I have always been so impressed by your ability to do your Tae Bo videos late, late, late in your pregnancy. I'm proud of myself when I make it through a walk!! I agree with Jenn- it is probably why you always look amazing not long after birth! :)

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