mommy talk #4

How much weight did you gain (w/ picture...are you brave enough? )
and what did you like MOST about pregnancy?
What did you like the LEAST?

I gained about 23-24 lbs with Parker and then lost a couple right before delivery..."cleaning out the system", as they say:) Maybe sometime I will find a picture, but I pretty much looked the same as my most recent pregnancy. I liked looking round and pregnant and buying new clothes! I enjoyed feeling Parker move around and just loved learning about everything related to pregnancy and new motherhood. In the beginning, I disliked feeling sick and near the end, I didn't like being the center of attention anymore. I think that part gets really old.

I was reprimanded just a bit for not gaining enough weight with Parker, so I thought I would let loose a bit and I ended up eating lots more! Guess what? I gained the same exact amount! Guess my body knew what it was doing all along:) I loved having something to look forward to in the month of February because it is usually not one of my favorite times of the year. I really, really disliked being sick and the middle part of pregnancy because I was not showing enough to be pregnant and too big to be in all of my normal clothes. Yuck. I also disliked not having all of the energy I needed to devote to Parker.

Oh, but it was all so worth it in the end. Griffin is the perfect baby. Really, he is the type of baby that is written about in all of those books that make it all sound so simple. When Parker was a baby, I thought that all of the authors were just lying--I was wrong! Griffin is three months old today and more precious than ever. Maybe I'll write more about him some more later on...

I have way too many pictures of the pregnancy on this blog already, so I won't put up another one. But here is a link...


Jennisa said...

Glad you're on time this week! :) I peeked over at your belly picture, and my goodness...you skinny pregnant ladies...I tell you what...there shouldn't be such a thing! You looked great though!

Jennisa said...

Hey! It's pronounced Janessa, like Vanessa with a Juh sound! My mom put Jennifer and Melissa together I guess...thanks for asking!

Jann said...

Your boys are gorgeous! What a beautiful family you have!

I enjoyed reading about your pregnancies - thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Amy.... you were thee cutest pregnant lady EVER! EVER!!! I know what you mean about the being too small to be in maternity clothes but being too big for you regular clothes, that's when I came across the Bella Band, it was so nice, I could wear my old jeans and leave the button unbuttoned, and kind of pull the band over the top of my jeans, it looks like a layer

Munchkin Land said...

Oh, my friend. I enjoyed reading about your pregnancy with Parker. I really wish I had been blogging during my pregnancy with Devyn and her first year. Oh well, no use in living with regrets!

I will echo everyone else though, you made pregnancy look so easy and you were one beautiful pregnant mama!! =)

Aleah said...

I agree with that inbetween stage of not enough belly. Didn't like that either. They make shirts now that say "baby in here" with an arrow or "it's a boy", etc. so people can just read instead of guessing! Ha hA

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