Mommy Talk #3

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Describe your pregnancy...cravings, sickness, etc....

So I completely missed my chance to do this yesterday because I never even got online. I feel like I'm turning in an assignment late:) We're busy at our house these days! We just spent the weekend putting in new grass in our yard and we're in the process of getting a new 'puter. I'm so excited for both of these...for different reasons, of course. Anyway, back to Mommy Talk...

Pregnancy #1- Parker
For the most part, I had a really great pregnancy. I had all the time in the world (before and during the pregnancy) to plan my every meal to have perfect nutritional values and I exercised very consistently, so by the time Parker was born, I was probably in better health than I ever had been before in my life. I even thought that all of my great preparation would give me an easy birth experience....ha! Doesn't work that way, ladies! I was pretty nauseated the first 14 weeks or so, but I only vomited a couple of times a week. I was just so darn excited to be pregnant that all of the little aches and pains didn't bother me one little bit. Cravings: Citrus anything! Joel actually had to tell me to stop eating satsuma oranges because the 10 or so a day I was eating gave me terrible heartburn. Go figure:) I had other cravings for sweet things and things like that, but I very rarely gave in because I was crazy about perfection...something that I regret now.

Pregnancy #2- Griffin
I no longer had all of the time to plan my perfect little meals and exercise like a crazy woman and I also didn't have all the time before I got pregnant to prepare myself. Let's just say that I totally let loose! I had a much harder pregnancy with Griffin as I was sick for almost the first half and never really felt completely well. I was also grumpy! I was probably just so tired out from trying to keep up with Parker that I had a harder time enjoying all of the exciting things about pregnancy. So many things were different about the second pregnancy (including Griffin's activity level), but I did carry Griffin almost the exact same way as Parker. Cravings: More citrus and anything sour. Also, anything sweet, carb-filled, or buttery:)


Munchkin Land said...

Isn't it funny how different our pregnancies are between the first and second child?! I was the same way! Extra careful with Devyn, but very relaxed with Hudson. (I wonder what our third pregnancies will be like!)

Jennisa said...

Well Miss Amy...a day late on your assignment. What am I supposed to do with you?! he he he! Glad to hear about your pregnancies, and that my 2nd wasn't the only one that was different from the first!

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