Thursday 13 for 5.3.07

Thirteen items I really like...but certainly are non-essential and haven't changed my life! Okay, so maybe the books are more important, but the rest is just frosting...you know they make life a bit easier and fun?

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1. Fisher Price Rain Forest Mobile We didn't have this with Parker but I sure wish we did! Griffin loves to lay in his crib and talk to the little animals and leaves that move around. Sometimes he even cries when we take him out. Definitely worth the money because Griffin has to know how to entertain himself because he has a needy two year old brother:)
2. Bumbo I wanted to be a cool mama and buy a Bumbo seat for Griffin;) He really loves it as this picture shows! Actually, this is something I really wish we had with Parker because Griffin does enjoy the view...he just gets tired!
3. Grace Based Parenting I recently started reading this book. So far, so good.... "Kimmel recommends creating a grace-based home environment that allows children to meet their full potential, to parent children in the same way God parents us. He presents a child's true needs--according to Scripture--and provides parents a realistic, do-able way to meet them. The result--spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence."
4. Onesie Extender These are so great because I can still fit Griffin into the smaller onesie even though his body is too long. But here is the best part: they work on GAP clothes, as well. Now I can extend the life of my favorite baby clothes!
5. Murphy Oil Soap Squirt and Mop Those who know me well know that I really like cleaning products. This one is my new favorite for quick hardwood touch-ups before I go to bed. Great stuff. I wake up to a fresh, clean smell.
6. Huggies Naturally Refreshing Bath Products I usually use Burt's Bees or Aveeno, but I recently bought this stuff for Parker and I'm now a big fan. Plus, it is less expensive so we like that!
7. Jello Sugar Free Pudding Snacks Sugar free, really yummy and lots of great flavors. If I don't look at the ingredient list, I like them a lot!
8. V8 Fusion I don't like juice but I found this a while back to give to Parker when he is in a no veggie stage....which is like, most of the time:)
9. Maybelline Superstay Lip Color This stuff is great because it stays on for 6+ hours and I like the color choices. I typically don't wear lipstick, but this stuff is great because it doesn't dry out my lips. This item and the next two are a few things that help me feel somewhat presentable, even after a day of spit-up, diapers, and maybe no shower...
10. Ferre perfume I'm in the process of trying to find a new fragrance. Somehow, perfume makes me feel put together even when I am sooooo not! I went to Nordstrom and asked for a bunch of samples and this is the one that is winning so far!
11. CG Liquid Pencil Just another item that I like because it is quick and lasts a long time. I have no time to be fussy!
12. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child By far, the best book about child sleep that I've ever read...and I've read a lot! I've used it with both kids and it has been so helpful. I like that the author supports all sorts of approaches, including independent/co-sleeping. He just makes so much sense. And Griffin slept 10 hours straight last night...love that!
13. Motrin Children's Chewables Two year molars...need I say more? I love that Parker is now old enough to chew medicine because I was getting tired of wrestling him to get him to take anything (I usually lost). These are great and last up to eight hours.


Jennisa said...

I'm gonna have to steal this idea one of these weeks! Great ideas!

Wendy said...

Great list!

I really want to read Grace based parenting. I personally think that is a great way to parent, so I am looking forward to reading more. Thanks for reminding me of the book.

We have 2yr. molars going on here too. Poor little ones.

Aleah said...

I'll have to get some of that V8 Fusion for the kids (and myself)! No added sugars or imitation sugars right?

We also love the chewable types of med.

Jennisa said...

I tagged you...

Elise said...

I had to laugh out loud when you said Griffin has a needy older brother, so he has to entertain himself - it's so true! If my oldest is left alone with me, he needs CONSTANT attention, but my second son will self-entertain for hours!

I guess it's the difference between their place - firstborns get a LOT of our attention, yes?

Love the makeup tips - I can never find lipstick that stays on, or that I like the color!

Munchkin Land said...

I really enjoyed this list and may even have to check out some of those things, like the Bumbo. =) I especially loved the Grace-Based Parenting book. That sounds like something I could really get into and use!

Elise said...

Can't find a place to e-mail you, sista! :)
Yes, I said Spokane. Is that significant?

Munchkin Land said...

Ok, so I'm a little pathetic... I was so excited about the Bumbo seat, I already went out and bought one. Hudson LOVES it! What a great little item to have!!

Amy said...

you always have such great blogs! you leave me wanting to try new things :)

Jeannine said...

I think needy first borns is a rather common thing. I have one... :-)

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