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My lovely blogging friend Jenn, over at Munchkin Land, wrote such a beautiful account of her daughter's birth...you really should check it out. She broke it up into sections and I was always just on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next installment. She articulated the process and her feelings so well that I actually felt like I was there! Anyway, she's inspired me to share a bit about the birth of Parker since we will soon be bombarded with thoughts and pictures of the new little baby. I don't feel like I have the energy or clarity of mind to write much about the day, but I'm going to post pictures. Okay, so I'm going to be really brave and show you pictures of me on that day that are not flattering...very, very brave.

So here is the really, really short Reader's Digest version of Parker's birth day: I was in active labor for about 10 hours at home before we went into the hospital and found that I was only dilated to a 1. Needless to say, they sent me home with not much hope for having a baby that day! I went back in to the hospital about 8 hours later and was at a 6 and they admitted me. What a happy moment! For some odd reason, I tried to wait to get the epidural until I was over 8 cm dilated. Looking back, I would have gotten it a lot sooner. I loved the epidural! I quickly got to a 10 and after laboring for 27 hours or so, I began pushing. This was the part that really didn't go well. We tried everything for 3 hours to get Parker out, but he was so stuck! Finally, another OB came in and informed me that a baby was not coming out the natural way. I was later told that, unless my next baby was 4 1/2 lbs or under, I would not be able to push babies out! They quickly prepped me for a c-section and Parker was born soon after!

Whew! How did you like that? Just facts, no feelings:) Hopefully the pictures will fill in the gaps!

Laboring at home and faking a smile!
Post epidural with my ice chips:)

Joel, very serious during the surgery
Me being prepped for surgery...not faking a smile this time because I knew I would soon meet my baby!

The moment they told me that I was the mama of the sweetest little boy...

Parker David~7 lbs 0 oz.~21 inches
April 17, 2005~9:37 pm

Can't believe that I'll be holding another one in two weeks! We're getting excited and I'm pretty antsy to get this little one out of me. Thankfully, I had a one hour massage today(Joel gave me a gift certificate for one for Christmas)that rejuvenated me and gave me a little more juice to finish this one strong. We're hoping that maybe, just maybe, this one will come even a little earlier than planned!


Vicky said...

Beautiful story.Can't wait for baby #2


Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed so hard looking at these pictures that I started crying! I am only allowed to say that because I was on the phone with you when I first looked at this post and we discussed the humor of that day in great detail! (For all of you reading this who think that I am a horrible person for saying that, you just have to understand the bond that my sister and I have...priceless!) In all seriousness, that day was the best day of my life. Someone recently asked me what my most life-changing moment was, and without hesitation I said it was the day my Little Man was born. I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to experience that day with you, especially in the operating room when I saw Parker take his very first breath. I can hardly believe that you and Joely are going to have Baby R. # 2 in just a matter of weeks! I can't wait to see another miracle take place. I love you very much and I am sending you a special hug.


Ginainchina said...

oh! i loved that story and those pictures... !! I got teary. what a precious story. So fun to run into you today (did you notice that I almost ran into a lady when i was talking to you? ) anyway, im at my parents tonight spending the night, so i will call you in the morning and see what you're up to tomorro w(tuesday!) if you're busy, no sweat, lets get other another time. sorry i used this posting like email :) love, gina

Dan said...

The picture of you with your hand to your mouth when you found out you had a baby boy is priceless. I feel so blessed to be able to be in the same town when baby #2 is born. It is such a blessing to able to share in these amazing moments.

Now would you hurry up and have the baby girl already! :)

Love you guys. DD

Anonymous said...

Amy, I agree with Dan, that the picture of you hearing that you had your little man is the best picture in the bunch. Precious! I will be praying for you as the day arrives... it's hard to believe your little one is almost here, and then days later my little one will be 1 year old - how does that happen so fast? I enjoyed this post SO MUCH! Thanks for sharing this ~ Julie

Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy... Thanks for sharing your story and your pictures. (I hate that we took so few pictures of that day.) It looks like it was extremely blessed day!!

Stacey said...

Love the post - and my favorite pic is the one of you crying with your hand to mouth - I know, not original but we have all felt that emotion as moms and it was beautifully captured in that photo!

Thanks for sharing the story of Parker with us!

Aleah said...

Love all the pictures! Yes the one with tears struck me too as a favorite! It's such an overwhelming sweet emotion meeting your baby for the very first time. : )
I'm so glad we got to stop by the hospital & see you guys and new Parker before you jetted out!
Can't wait to hear the details of this new baby. We're excited for you guys!

Tammy said...

I love reading birth stories! They always scare me a bit, but the ending is always happy and seems to be so worth all the hard stuff!

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