lucky me

Guess who is going to see the American Idols Live Tour 2007 with a good friend in July? Yup. Mmmmm hmmm. Me. And guess who was surprised by her husband with those tickets for her birthday? Right again. Yup...me! My husband sure knows how to make me happy. Another great part of the whole deal...all five of the little boys will be with the two men! Nice.

Now...I only have one small request: Can someone get Chris Daughtry to make a special performance in Tacoma? Just wondering...

Okay, so Blake will have to do... ;)


Jennisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! That will be a fun night out!

Anonymous said...

What fun :) Hope you had a great brthday


Munchkin Land said...

Oh I am so excited and thrilled for you! I totally agree with the Chris Daughtry fan club! He was robbed last season...

I'm anxious for tonight's finale!

Kelsey said...

If anyone deserves to go see the American Idol tour, it's you! Joely knows you so well, doesn't he? Just promise that you will blog about the whole experience...with pictures! Love you!


Aleah said...

Happy Birthday again! That'll be fun to get out by yourself with a friend!
Now, since I'm not really into American Idol...tell me what exactly the live tour is?! All of the past contestants performing or new ones? : )

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday! YOu will have a blast. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

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