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Baby Names on your list...
What name did you chose, and why?

I can't answer this question...never will! Our names are secrets until the day of birth. Our girl name for Griffin will be our girl name again for the next time around, so we can't tell:) Sometimes I wonder if we do this just to drive people crazy! I will say that for boys names, we tend to go with surnames and our girl names are not made up, but rare.

So....I'm going to answer last week's question since I was out of town. Such a rebel:)

Did you find out the sex? Why or why not? honest...did you have what you were hoping for?

Didn't find out the sex on either one and we love it that way! We really love the moment when someone announces the gender...it is indescribable, that feeling! I've really never felt the need to plan for a certain gender and I love being able to exercise my faith while trusting God to prepare my heart for the baby inside of me...regardless of gender. With Parker, I just KNEW he was a boy...maybe because that is what I really wanted. I've always thought I'd be a good mom to all boys, so I was hoping for a boy with Griffin... but also wanted to be excited for a girl! I was so confused! When the doctor announced that Griffin was a boy, I felt my heart just settle into a peace...like all was right in the world at that moment!

Okay...and after that whole explanation, I'm thinking that it might be fun to find out the gender next time! Let me explain myself...I really, really don't enjoy the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. I felt really awful, especially with Griffin. I think that if I had something to look forward to halfway through the pregnancy, it might be a good thing for my attitude. But that means I would have to give up that most amazing moment at the end. Hmmm...any advice? I have not really talked to Joel about this, so this idea may be a no-go!


Carrie said...

If I could have talked my husband into finding out the gender at the 20 week mark this is how I would have made it special:
Have the ultrasound tech check for the sex without saying ANYTHING. If they can be at least 95% sure of the sex they would then right the gender on a piece of paper that I would provide that says. It's a ________
The tech would put the paper in an envelope and then my husband would have the special opportunity to read the sex out loud to me.
I might also consider taking the envelope home and in a location special to us, we could open the envelope together. Since we won't be able to experience this for ourselves I thought I'd pass this along to others that it might appeal to.

Aleah said...

It's interesting to read everyone's different take on finding out gender, either way. There are so many REALLY different reasons why people want to know or don't!
The reasons for yourselves are really good!

Knowing the next time around could be fun if you don't mind spliting up the surprises...gender and then meeting! It's fun to look forward to that ultrasound either way!

Michelle said...

I have a couple of friends that don't tell the name either, but one friend's daughter let the name slip out when we were at the pool a few summers ago! Oops!

We didn't find out the sex either and I loved finding otu the moment at birth and the anticipation!

Jeremy said...

i love that you guys keep the gender a surprise too! but i dont know HOW you can hold out on telling people the names:) that would be SO hard!

i think it would be fun finding out the sex the next time, but it would make the whole pregnancy/experience so completly different...regardless, there is no way i could talk jeremy into finding out.

LPDraper said...

We didn't find out with our first-- and I too loved that moment in the delivery room. Our daughter Reagan was welcomed with a chorus (literally!) of people shouting "IT'S A GIRL!!!!" Such a wonderful moment...
When I got pregnant with Ian, Sean really wanted to know. Our compromise was this... At the ultrasound, we had the tech write down the gender in a card (a handmade card that a wonderful friend of ours made for that very moment). Then we went out to dinner that night and opened our card together. It was an incredible moment-- equally as wonderful as the chorus of people shouting "it's a girl!". It was just a little quieter... more of a sweet whisper... "it's a boy!!"... and then just as many happy tears. :)

Munchkin Land said...

You know, we found out the gender both times and I have to admit that I absolutely loved knowing what we were having. I feel like it really helped me bond with the baby and prepare for its arrival. However, Jon and I have decided that the third time around, we are NOT going to find out the sex. We figure that since we have one of each, no preparation is necessary and it'll add some spice to the delivery room. I hope I can hold myself to that decision.

And lastly, my husband and I are so weird in that we pick out names WAY before we're even pregnant. We already have the name(s) chosen for our next child. Hee hee! We are a strange couple.

Elise said...

I think we'll wait to find out next time - we have some of both sex, so it feels okay to have a surprise this time!
We didn't keep the boys names secret, but we did with Eliana - just for fun! It drove everyone crazy!
Thanks for sharing this fun post!

andi said...

One of the things that I think is so fun about the way that you guys did things is that everyone felt so much anticipation with both of the boys' births- what was their gender going to be and what were there names!?

For us it has been fun to do things both ways- I loved not finding out Audrey's gender until the moment she was born, but I agree with Jenn that knowing I am having a boy this time does make me feel like I have bonded with him much more. I don't think that we will find out with the next one though...

And you know that I love holding out on the name too :)

Kati said...

I'm with you Amy...Not finding out, and hearing the words "It's a Boy"...were the most amazing moments! That's why we didn't find out for number two also! We'll see...Will Kevin be saying..."It's a boy" or "It's a girl".

Were they able to tell with Aubree yesterday??? I haven't heard the word yet, and I'm sitting her anxiously waiting!

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