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I suppose I could organize my thoughts into a post that has a purpose...one that flows and actually leaves you feeling like you read something valuable. I could. But I won't because I'm sorta lazy and I really have nothing important to say. I just feel like blogging while I have a minute and I will offer a quick snapshot of my crazed brain:) I feel like I am literally thinking about all of these things at this very moment!

~American Idol Finale tonight...so excited!
~I just made a dentist appointment today and I'm really terrified of the dentist. Terrified because I have deceptive teeth--They look fine but really are not! I really wish I could find a dentist who who would put me under for the cleaning!
~I'm using FlyLady.net to help me manage my household. Sort of overwhelming with all of the emails and such, but it actually is helping me get things under control and ease my anxiety about stuff that should be a small issue.
~My sister and I made-up from a fight we had. Actually, it was not a fight...she was just mad at me and I was mad at her for being mad at me. Read that sentence again. THIS is why I want all boys...females are crazy!
~I need to start reading more about potty training. I don't want to start just yet, but I really want to start preparing myself beforehand. Ugh...I'm really not looking forward to it. Any suggestions?
~We went to bible study last night and as I walked into the room, I instantly felt my heart go heavy...and I didn't know why because I was feeling great. Turns out that many people were dealing with tough stuff. It was an interesting feeling.
~I can't wait to start solids in a few months with Griffin. Love watching them taste new things! The mess, however, I could do without!
~I'm afraid that Griffin is going to get a flat head because he sleeps so much. I think it is already going in that direction. What to do!
~Been thinking about this passage lately: Righteousness from the law is nothing compared to knowing and being found in Christ.
~I have a little video to share and you better watch it now or else you might lose your chance. It might mysteriously disappear when a certain someone finds out that his skills have been made public:) My boys have some great moves. This video is from a reception we went to last weekend for our Aunt and Uncles 25th wedding celebration. How cool is that? I better sign off now before I do more damage...enjoy!


From the Woodlands said...

LOVE the video!!!!! : )
--Get down Joel! How fun, it made me want to dance again!


Aleah said...

Am I crazy? I was thinking of potty training Ella this summer. I'll do it if you do so we can both have fun while camping.
I love that video! Nice moves guys. ; )
I agree, girls are crazy - and I'll add think too much. (talking about myself)

Elise said...

Amy, you are a-thinking, aren't you? Lots of stuff going on in that head of yours...well, who am I kidding. If you're a mama, you're always thinking! :)

I don't know if you really want to ask for advice about potty training - it might give you more than you wanted! Everybody has different methods, and every child is different. What worked for me was not to worry about it at all until my boys were three, and then they did it in one day! I've heard a lot that boys especially don't really get it until they're around three. But that was just us!

Read if you must, but be careful not to get overwhelmed by all the advice - you know Parker best! If he's not responding and isn't interested, it probably won't click.

I'll be praying for you! And it's so exciting that you get to go to that concert - your hubby knows you well!

Elise said...

Rats - I forgot to say, nice moves, Joel and Parker! They are great dancers! :)

Tammy said...

Haha, what a cute video! As for thinking about a billion things at once, I can definitely relate. I seriously think like that constantly, it can be exhausting!

Wendy said...

These random posts are my favorites, probably because I am right there w/ya w/a crazed brain. :)

I agree w/Elise. I tried w/my son, but he didn't get it until right when he turned 3. I like the seats that sit on the toilet, as opposed to a seat that is on the floor and you have to clean all the time.

Love the video!

Wendy said...

Fly lady has some great ideas. I'm glad it is helping you. Lots of emails though. Wow!

Munchkin Land said...

Ok wow! You got a lot of comments so fast! I just read this entry like 20 minutes ago and there were 0 comments at that time! =)

First of all, I loved the video of Parker's dancing! What a cutie! He and Devyn would definitely get down and boogie together.

Secondly, I loved your random thoughts. Such is the life of motherhood.

And lastly, I can so relate to the fight between sisters. I don't even have to know what it was about, I can just relate. Even at 21, 23, 25, and 27, the four of us still have some passionate fights!

Jennisa said...

very cute...I'm smiling right now! Love it!

Dan said...

Sweet vid. I'm surprised you haven't shared the video of you dancing with Parker. I'm not sure if Parker gets his skills for cutting-the-rug from you or Joel.

Kati said...

A girl for Derek & Aubs...That's exciting!

Oh the potty training questions! I was all "gung ho" to beat the odds and have Kallen trained before the new baby arrived. Yeah, not so much the plan any more. At his 18 month appointment today the doctor told me to wait until he was at least 2+, and kind of "read" the signs that he's ready! Huh...no advice cause I'm right there with you! Good luck though, and nice moves by your men!

Kelsey said...

I cannot believe Joel let you put that video on here! Hmmm, I'm wondering if he knows that his skills are being shown to the world! How lovely of you to share with all of your readers about our fight. :) Oh well, if I discussed it on facebook, I guess it is only fair. Really, I can't imagine why you wouldn't want a daughter...think of all the drama you could have on a DAILY basis! Anyway, I'll call you later to discuss American Idol. Love you!


Anonymous said...

Parker is such a good dancer :) I had so much fun with you guys last weekend


AndiMae said...

I totally thought that I commented on this post, but I guess not...

So Parker is of course the cutest little dancer ever (besides Audrey Bug, of course!), but I think that Erik and I got way more of a kick out of watching Joel get down then him! Way to go Joel :)

P.S. You'll have to keep us posted with the potty-training thing. I really want to start with Audrey, but I think that I need to wait until post-baby. Way too much going on right now...

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