field trip with a two-year old...

I am slowly learning how these little minds function. I took the boys on another little field trip, but this time we went to a local cat zoo. No, not like domestic cats. The REAL THING...like The Lion King:) It is a very beautiful day here and so it really didn't matter what we were doing, I knew we were going to have fun. To be expected, Parker seemed way more interested in the gravel and the water fountains than the enormous animals. And then, of course, he really liked the chickens in the petting zoo. Did you know that you can pet chickens? Kind of icky to me, but they did provide hand sanitizer! As I was packing up the boys to go home, I thought, is it worth it for a boy who could just play with the gravel at home? But I was wrong. As soon as we got back in the car, Parker started chatting away about the cool cats...their colors and sounds and such. His little mind takes in so much more than I give credit. He just pays attention to more so much more. He takes in every...single....element around him. Definitely worth the trip.

In other news, Griffin rolled over yesterday! I think he kind of knocked himself over when he was very young, but this time it was for real. I really thought that it would take months for this to happen because I rarely put him on his tummy on the floor. I know....bad, but we have this other munchkin that kind of forgets where he is walking! A friend of mine, Julie, told me while pregnant with Griffin that the second time around is so much sweeter. I was so happy to hear this because I was repeatedly being told how hard having two was going to be! It is hard, but really...I do think that since we realize how fast things go, we really treasure the little moments more with these little ones. He is so precious. Any boy who laughs at my games and looks at me with those loving eyes is sure to get points with me...


Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy!! Yeah on the rolling! That is exciting! Hudson rolled over (accidentally) a couple of weeks ago. I'm still waiting for the real thing. However, he is already pushing himself across the floor with his legs. Yikes!

I, too, am enjoying watching how much Devyn takes in during new experiences. She's finally starting to retain some long-term memory and now we have to be extra-careful what we say to her. We've been promising her a trip to the zoo for three weeks now. Oops!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! With love, Jenn

Wendy said...

It is hard, but so wonderful! I loved watching the other one(s) love the new baby. Then as they grow, you will love seeing them play more together and love each other more. My oldest 2 share and room and more often than not when I go to check on them before I go to bed, they are snuggled together in the same bed. I'll be sad when that ends!

Wendy said...

oops, that was supposed to say share "a" room. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip :)
Have a good holiday weekend


AndiMae said...

I can't wait to live closer and be able to do fun things like this together! Did I tell you that Audrey talks about Parker and you all the time now and that anytime I am on the computer, she always wants me to go to your blog? We miss you!

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