Sons are a heritage from the Lord...

Griffin and Parker, both at eight weeks old. It is amazing to see the similarities and also how Griffin takes after Joel and Parker tends to look more like my side of the family.


Jennisa said...

they DO have similarities! WOW! I think they are both cute!

Wendy said...

Those pictures are SO precious!

PS - Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. :)

Munchkin Land said...

Amy!! I can't believe how much they look alike!! I can barely tell them apart. I can't wait to see how Griffin changes.

Joel and Jaime said...

Your little guys are so cute! And I loved the post about 'Parker is two!' I can almost feel your love for him radiating through your blog page! I feel the exact same way about my little girl, who turned two in December.

Airmail To Africa! said...

Oh, wow, look at your beautiful babies! I can't wait to be home an hold them myself. Just two more months! It's crazy to think about! I think about you all often. I will be seeing you soon! Much love!

Aleah said...

I agree! : )
Those are really cute B&W photos of your boys!

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