Parker is TWO!

I just can't believe I am a mama to a two year old! I wish someone would freeze time so I could catch up and research a little on this subject! Seems like when Griffin was born, Parker went into fast-forward mode to two. He is certainly acting his age at times and challenges me everyday...whew! Actually, he is such a good and sweet little boy. I love him so much that I ache. He brings so much sunshine and joy into this house every single day and he really is such a special blessing to all that know him. I really realized his impact when Joel and Parker went on a four day trip to Arizona and I was here all alone with Griffin. My life was so simple and easy...such a nice time to spend with just Griffin. However, even though my life might have been much more calm and easy, life is just not very much fun without Parker around. When Parker comes into the room, everything that is mundane becomes funny and amazing...and slightly out of control! The activity level around this house ramped up when he joined us. From the minute he was born, Parker was so AMAZED at life and so excited to be here. I wish I could get some video documenting his expressions when we get the mail each morning...the MAIL!

"Ooooohhhhhh, Man!"

This is my little man...such a precious gift. He truly is a lovely soul...

We had some really special days celebrating Parker's birthday. On Saturday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's and celebrated with friends and family. My brother and his family made a trip over here to meet Griffin and come to Parker's party...thank you, guys...it was really special! It was so fun to see Parker and Audrey interact. I totally agree with Aleah, Chuck E. Cheese's is a crazy, crazy place...but it was worth it to not have to do anything for the party. I think Parker appreciated that he had a laid-back mama for his birthday! He actually loved the huge rat and even danced with him! Parker loved having so many people who love him at his party:)

The boys with Auntie Christa

On Tuesday (Parker's actual birthday), Parker's Auntie Christa made a special trip over here to spend time with us. Thank you so much, Christa! We had a fun and simple day of music class, Starbucks, playing with new toys, and dinner out...and American Idol for the adults! Thank God Sanjaya is finally gone. Now, everyone must vote for Blake!

Here are some slide shows from the last week:


Kati said...

I can't believe how much he's grown since we last saw him at Aubree and Derek's wedding! Wow...2 years old!

Your smile is definitely contagious little man!!!

From the Woodlands said...

Happy Birthday Parker!

Ohhh, Amy and Joel, wow TWO now!
It's kinda bittersweet seeing all my Grandkids grow up....
....sniff, snifff : )


Anonymous said...

okay amy I'll try one more time. I want to tell you again what a great time I had w/ you guys. That was so special for me to share that day w/ Parker and have one on one w/ Griffin ( and my brother for that matter). Thank you again for everything and for sharing his special day w/ me. Please give them both a hug and kiss from me--Auntie Christa

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Parker is 2 now.I love his smile & laugh!
Hope he had a great birthday & can't wait to see you guys


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Parker!
love, the raps

Jennisa said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Parker! Looks like you had a blast!

Aleah said...

First of all... Happy 2nd BIRTHDAY Parker! You've grown so much since we first met you! Looks like you had a fun time at Chuck E. Cheese! ; ) What's in that big green polka dot box?!

Amy - When I checked out your sister's blog yesterday I chuckled(sorry!)when I saw the Chuck E. Cheese pictures! Now I know why you didn't comment on my Chuck E. rant!
Just kidding - Yes, the less stress the better!

Love, Aleah

Munchkin Land said...

Happy Birthday Parker! It looks like you all had a wonderful time at Chuck E. Cheese. =) What a special, special day!

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