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How did you tell your spouse/sig. other you were pregnant?
Was he happy, surprised, upset, worried, etc?
How did you feel?

#1 Parker ~ Born 4.17.05

I think we found out about Parker on the 11th of August. I can now tell people that Parker was a very, very planned baby...before I was embarrassed to say that! He was so planned that I knew exactly when in the day I could take my first test:) This was the first month we had tried, so I was so surprised and excited when that little blue line showed up. I took it when I was home alone and then rushed out to the store to pick up a few items in order to prepare a surprise for Joel. I bought a card, some baby booties and a gift bag. In the card, I wrote the following...

Expect another little gift to arrive around April 18, 2005:)

I put the card, the booties, and the pregnancy test in the bag. When Joel got home from work, I said nothing and just handed him the present. His reaction was "classic Joel"....

"What? NO WAY! No, no, no....what? NO WAY!"

We were so excited...I will never forget that feeling of knowing I would soon be a mother. We went out that night to Barnes and Noble and bought pregnancy books!

#2 Griffin ~ Born 2.7.07

I can't remember the exact date we found out. I probably could figure it out since it was just under two weeks after we moved into our new house ;) We were planning on starting to try for #2 in the next month or two, but we were in the middle of a move and this was not in the plan! I started to feel funny and I thought I felt pregnant. But I could not, for the life of me, figure out how THAT could have been possible! I guess things had been really busy... I took a test anyway when I was home alone with Parker and I felt myself go pale as I looked from that blue line to Parker and back again. No way...two children?

It was the Friday before Father's day, so I decided to trick Joel into thinking that he was getting an early gift from Parker. I wrapped up the test and wrote Happy Father's Day, Daddy on the front. I did the same thing as last time and handed the test to Joel without saying a word. Joel's reaction was again, sooooo classic.....

No! What? How did that happen? No really, how did that happen?!

We were in total shock. Not sure why we were so shocked...I mean we know how these things happen! We were more scared than excited at first, but that soon changed and we began counting the days until Griffin's arrival.


Kim said...


Aleah said...

I can picture Joel saying that!

It's fun reading everyone's stories...
I like the way you told Joel!
For some reason I never thought of doing anything special! Oh well...

love, aleah

Jennisa said...

Our husbands can have the funniest reactions...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Well, let's see here honey...geez, I don't quite remember, can you remind me? :) MEN!

Sue said...

Cute ways of telling hubby. I love his reaction to both of them. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Great stories :) Have a good week


Carrie said...

I enjoyed reading your stories. I could feel the excitement in your writing.

Munchkin Land said...

Oh, I just LOVED these stories! They're great! I wish I had the patience to wait and tell Jon creatively. But both times I blurted it out!

Jen said...

This is one of my favorite posts! I hadn't thought about this part of being pregnant! I totally have some ideas now for when my day comes! Thanks for sharing this!

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