pictures are quicker than words...

Both of the boys are down for naps...but I don't have too much longer because I just heard a little something come from Parker's room. Aaaaahhhh.....I love nap time! Here are a few pictures from my life: A sling picture that reminds me of my growing girth days, Griffin sleeping during his first visit to Mooma and Grandpa's house, Parker loving on his baby brother, and the kiddos with Gramps and Grandma.

This is our life right now. We're consumed. And I love it!


Aleah said...

Very cute - every one of the pictures!

Now I see where Parker split open his little head - see I told you to keep those type of strips handy! ; )

Griffin looks like another laid back baby!
Beautiful boys!

Love, Aleah

Kelsey said...

Well, someone looks AMAZING after giving birth just three weeks ago! I am soooo jealous Sassypants! Park and Griff look oh so cute as usual. I love you!


Vicky said...

Love the picture of Griffin & Parker
No , we don't have any good pictures with us & the boys.Next time we see you we'll take some!Take care & hope all is well


AndiMae said...

Erik and I agree with Kels- you DO look amazing for giving birth three weeks ago! How is the sling working for you? I am looking into different ones right now and I am curious about yours...

And I love the pictures of the boys, of course! You can never post too many pictures of my beautiful nephews :)

Sorry that I never got back to you on Sunday- I was taking a nap :) Hopefully we will get a chance to talk again soon!

I love you!

Amy said...

oh...thanks guys! I have to be honest and say that I probably would not have posted the picture if the sling hadn't been hiding my mid-section! I like to look at that picture next to my last belly pic--so amazing how he was inside of me just 3 weeks ago...

From the Woodlands said...

So great to see everyone! Griffin is already getting bigger, amazing huh?
Is Paul by any chance Joel's dad? They look soooo much alike!
Great pictures, thanks for sharing them.
Laurie : )

AmiDA said...

beautiful pictures :) all of them!

Sue said...

Ahhh Griffin Jacob... three weeks today!
The new blog design is 'lovely,' but YOU are truly a lovely person, my dear.
Moo-mah (sp?) will try to get back into commenting occasionally.
Love Mom

Aleah said...

Love your new blog look Amy. And those cute pictures at the top too!
Are those Parkers feet?

Well yet again I INTEND on calling this weekend. Any time better than the other??

Jen said...

Love the "growing girth" picture! You're adorable! Let's get together soon!

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