hot date!

I just got back home from a super-duper hot date....with Parker:)

A local independent theater down the street is offering free shows to the little ones this week and we got to go see Charlotte's Web this morning. Parker and I don't get enough time hanging out just the two of us these days, so I decided to take him to a movie. He's never been to a theater before and I thought this was a good opportunity to try it out. I wasn't sure if he would be able to sit through an entire show and he almost made it! I tried to keep him seated in my lap by offering yummy snacks and drinks but he just couldn't take it anymore and decided to flirt with the girl next to us--who was about five years his senior! Poor girl...she was probably so annoyed with us. He kept asking to sit in his "own seat" but he kept falling through the crack and landing on the floor...so gross!

It was a cute movie. We enjoyed ourselves and it was such a special time with my little guy. I look to many more hot dates in the future....and just maybe I'll go out with my husband again someday:)


Elise said...

How precious!
Don't worry - time with your husband will come again, just maybe not in the same form!
Date nights for us are usually fondue after the kids go to bed, a backrub, and movies via Netflix! :)

Jennisa said...

Yippie! What a hot date you had!Those dates can be so fun! Isn't it nice to have some one on one time with him? Glad you liked the movie. I think we are going to rent it sometime here in the next couple weeks! About the hubby...I don't think I've been out alone with mine since a year ago...oh well. I still love him more today than yesterday...sure you do too...with YOUR husband of course :)

Vicky said...

I want a date with Parker too. Next time you guys have to come when SIFF starts. I want to take the kids to the movies :) Have a good week


AndiMae said...

I don't think that I have the patience to take Audrey to the movies yet. She can barely sit through one of her toddler DVDs!

P.S. If we move, we should totally do a date night baby-sitting co-op like we've been doing here. You never have to pay a babysitter and you get at least two or three dates a month! Its the best!

Munchkin Land said...

We've been taking Devyn to the movies since she was weeks old! =) She's absolutely transfixed by the big screen; she'll sit for hours. In fact, my mom and dad just took her to see Night At The Museum, which I'm sure was over her head. But Mom and Dad swear she didn't move a muscle from my dad's lap. =) It sounds like you had a wonderful date!!

PS Jon and I had a wonderful date on his birthday! It was refreshing to be able to connect as husband and wife again, not just as parents. If we lived there, I'd love to come over and babysit for you and Joel to have a night out! I'm thinking of you!

Dan said...

Joel and Parker came by the office yesterday to visit. It was sweet. Parker got to meet the guys and play with our Nurf guns (we have Nurf war every Friday at 4:30 - the whole office turns into a war zone of childish assault... it's awesome). I'll glady watch the boys anytime... you could even put them down and I'll just come over while you and Joel slip out to Downriver for a bite. Just let me know. And you know if your options for sitters run short, bring the boys to my parents, I'll hang out with them and my mom and dad can get their kid fix... as Julie's girls are so far away :( They would love to take care of them. Just let me know.

BTW, I'm sure you did not entend to genearte babysitting options with this post... but if you did... way to play it coy. Nice work! lol

Aleah said...

We have that movie coming in the mail soon, it looks like a cute one!
Ethan went with a friend to see his first movie in a theatre at age SIX!
We haven't taken the kids yet. We almost did when Narnia was out but then we decided that Philip & I should preview it first.
One on one time is great! And when you get to do something free, that's even better!

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