Happy Birthday to Joely...

I just got back home after receiving a pedicure while my mom watched Parker--double blessing! It was so great and now my toes are a pretty red color...not that I can see them that well, but at least the nurses in surgery will be impressed with my attention to detail:) This was all actually Joel's idea. He bought me both the massage and pedicure gift certificates for Christmas, to be used before the baby comes. Isn't he awesome?

It is Joely's 29th birthday today and so it is my turn to brag a little bit about my great husband: He's my favorite person. He's my best friend. He is the perfect mix of being very sensitive and an athletic, manly guy. He thinks that I'm funny:) He knows how to treat a woman. He loves God. He forgives me. He loves his family. He loves MY family. He is a wonderful provider and supports me in my decision to stay home with our children. He is so darn smart. He's hot:) He thinks that I'm the best cook! He is really good at caring for his patients. This one deserves to be in bold: He's the most amazing Daddy. Seriously, I've never seen anyone be such a natural at this whole gig. And Parker thinks he's just the bomb!

I really could write so much more about this man that I'm so lucky to love, but I'll save it for just him!


Kelsey said...

I agree with you 100%! Joely is an amazing husband and father, and by far the best brother (in-law) a girl could ever ask for! I love you both so very much!


Vicky said...

I agree with Kelsey,Joel is a GREAT brother in law
Did he have to work on his birthday? Hope not
Have a good week.


From the Woodlands said...

Happy Birthday Joel!! Wow, one more year and the BIG 3-0!

Laurie and Alan : )

Aleah said...

Such a great post about your man. : )
I love those pictures of Joel & Parker!

Happy Birthday Joel!

PS - You'll have to tell me more about the pedicure. I'm a little nervous to have anyone give me one. Sounds silly but I don't want to get CUT! I have a gift card to use up...

AndiMae said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday!) Joel! You ARE a great guy and we all feel blessed to have you in our family!

P.S. And Amy your list about him is the sweetest thing ever!

Sue said...

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man! Love the silly faces pics! NO, I was not teaching him those! Love Mom

Munchkin Land said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful husband and I love that you gush on him SO much! I think our husbands need to hear how much they're loved, especially after putting up with our hormones after the past 9 months.

My mother had the same idea with pampering and I'm going for my pedicure on Saturday (if he hasn't arrived by then). I can't wait!!

Dan said...

Great post Amy. But... I FORGOT JOEL'S BIRTHDAY! ARGH!!

Sorry mang.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more sister. He is the most amazing man in my life.

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