Thursday Thirteen 2.1.07

Thirteen reasons why I can be happy I'm still pregnant...

I'm scheduled for my c-section next Wednesday but I'm still hoping that this baby comes earlier. We don't know the gender and I'm just dying to know what we're having and I'm just done with being pregnant. As we all know, attitude is everything, so I thought I would compile a list of 13 reasons why I can be happy that I'm still pregnant.

1. I am blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to be pregnant and carry a child to term in the first place. I never want to forget this or take it for granted.
2. My tummy may be large, but at least it is tight...and it won't be whatsoever after the baby is born!
3. I get to play games with my unborn baby's feet. We call this game "Body Parts"!
4. I still get a couple of hours to myself each day while Parker takes a nap.
5. I get to wear pants with an elastic waist...and it isn't that uncool.
6. I actually like most of my maternity clothes.
7. I get to dream about who this baby is.
8. I may be quite uncomfortable now, but I am still more comfortable now than I will be after the c-section.
9. Being a mama to an unborn baby is quite easy...once he/she comes out, things may get crazy:)
10. I have a few more days left of not being a milk machine!
11. I get to sleep through the night....kind of...except when I have to roll over!
12. I really enjoy spending one-on-one time with my son
13. And with my husband:)

Ha! I feel better already!

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