Savoring the moment...

Joel is at work so it is just the two of us today. Sometimes, when Joel works on Saturday, both Parker and I get kind of down and lonely because everyone else is having family time and we're stuck here trying to figure out how to spend our day. Today has been a little different. We woke up to a cloudless sky and bright sunshine. We still have snow so everything in our park looks just beautiful. Parker's absolute favorite thing to do is to take walks outside--and it doesn't matter what the weather is like. He loves the outdoors and takes such joy in all things natural....dogs, pine cones, blue sky, ice on the road, dirty snow...which he tends to eat:)

I decided to venture out into the cold and take Parker on a leisurely walk. I haven't done this with him in what feels like months. I guess I've just been so worn out and the weather has been way too cold for Parker...and his mama! It turned out to be so fun. We probably didn't walk very far but we were gone for an hour! Parker stopped to talk to all of the neighbors, dogs, cats, trees, trucks...anything that would listen! And this time, I chose not to rush him along and I just let him discover and play. I found myself really savoring the moment. It was just the two of us and I know that these moments won't happen as often once we have two children. I love being with my little boy and spending time watching him grow and learn. What a blessing he is to me and so many others. Our little walk is one of those moments that I have treasured up in my heart for years to come. When things get crazy and I start feeling overwhelmed, it is wonderful to have memories like these to help me remember why I love being a mama.


Vicky said...

I know what you mean. Its been so cold here.Its been work & home, home & work.I'm glad you and Parker got some one on one time


AndiMae said...

GRRRRR. I just wrote a comment and Blogger erased it! Let's try this again...

Thank you so much for the great reminder! It is so easy for me to get caught up in the day to day stuff, moving a million miles an hour (okay, so maybe us pregnant girls are not really moving THAT fast :) trying to get everything done, that I forget to slow down and take time to savor moments with my sweet little girl. I am so glad that you and Parker have gotten lots of quality mama/Parker time these last few weeks before everything changes!!

P.S. I miss you!!!
P.P.S. But be expecting a phone call tonight...we will have special news to share :)

Aleah said...

I want to thank you for the reminder too! I always tell myself to enjoy these young ages - but to actually do it day to day is a challenge for me!
Have fun in the sunshine!

Love, Aleah

Munchkin Land said...

Again, it seems like we're reading each other's minds regarding our pregnancies. As much as I'm ready to be done, I'm really trying to savor each moment right now. Continue to keep us posted!!

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