you said you wanted pictures...

Here it is...our new couch!

I know you've been waiting....

Okay, so I couldn't resist. I'm totally kidding. Not my style and it wouldn't be my first color choice. What is that? Coral?

I've been trying to get a real picture of our couches, but how do you take a good picture of microfiber furniture?

This is a picture of our living room on a typical night after Parker has gone to bed. This is the love seat. See...you can't really tell what the color is or what it really looks like, but you can get an idea. Plus, you get a great shot of our hideous antenna on the top of our CD player. Lovely:)

This is the real couch and my cool sewing machine...which is totally decorative in my case.

So this next comment is totally unrelated to furniture, but I had to admit something: Pregnancy makes me crazy! I've realized that motherhood, in general, has made me more and more extreme in many ways....but this is just out of control! I used to be such a level-headed, laid-back person... I have no idea what has happened to me. Even when I was pregnant with Parker, I was still emotional and irrational at times, but this baby has taken me to a whole new level. So, yesterday, I cried because Joel was going to go to lunch with some guy friends without Parker, which meant I couldn't go to Pier One without Parker (because we all know how much fun that would be). Now, I didn't just cry....I totally lost it! And these kind of things happen all of the time. My poor husband. Now, I wonder if this craziness increases with each subsequent pregnancy? I hope not. Who knows what would happen with a third...Oh My.


andi said...

Yay for couch pictures! (I HAVE been waiting :) They are actually exactly how I pictured them to be- I guess I kind of know your taste :) Yet you still totally got me with the first picture...go figure!

And I can relate with the pregnancy induced craziness- although I haven't been extra emotional, I have definitely been super scatterbrained, and I used to pride myself in my good memory! I never really got it back after having Audrey and it seems to be getting worse now...

I love you! Happy Weekend!

From the Woodlands said...

You got me too on the "new" couch! I thought that you two had totally gotten into antiques!!! Very nice couch set, more like you guys.
I laughed when you told about Pier One! You know what though you don't have to be PG to go wacko sometimes, just wait until "the change!" ; )

Aleah said...

I love the couch, great color too! How exciting!

Yes you do get crazier with each. How crazy & irrational am I now? ; )
I've actually done the same thing in those situations. Mainly because I want a break and I'm with the kids all day why should he get to go out & I'm stuck at home AGAIN? Those type of thoughts... or shall I call them adult tantrums? Ha ha! : )

Love, Aleah

Aleah said...

Oh yes, and the first picture of "your new couch" you should have seen how big my eyes became. I couldn't believe what I saw (Just couldn't picture that in your living room)!

Good one! Thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vicky said...

Love your new couch
Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Amy, the couches look great and it's so fun to picture your family there enjoying them.
I totally understand the freaking out moments that can happen when pregnant and hormones are raging. It's amazing how shopping alone becomes such a treat :)
~ Julie (Dan's sister) -- do I need to keep putting that? :) ha!

Aleah said...

and yet another comment from me...
I need to start proof reading before I click the button. : )

Okay so in my FIRST comment I made it sound like I didn't like being home with the kids. I love being home with them. I guess I should of just said we all need alone time every now and then. ; )

**3rd and final comment is a for those that don't know me**

Good night!

Anonymous said...

aleah, even if we havent met you - we know how awesome you are just from hearing from amy! we know that you're an excellent mommy that loves your kiddos :)
amy... love the couches, they're so pretty! i love it and microfiber... its like the never-can-do-anything-to-destroy-it-fabric. my mom has that couch and i changed winston's poopy diapers on it and whoops more than few times... and you can't even tell!
and the crying thing... TOTALLY WITH YOU! (not right now - but when i was pregnant). i remember at least 3-4 times when i cried so hard i almost would throw up!! HA! total hormones. im sure joel understands, he's a medical guy. anyway, grant doesnt remember it as clearly as i do, which is probalby a good thing :) hang in there... the way i see it, if you have 6 kids, that is only 4+years of your entire 80+year LIFE! thats nothing! TOTALLY worth it :) the best part is that you get a little blessing at the end. speaking of little blessings, why am i not pregnant yet?!?!? WHAT THE WHAT. love you and can't wait to see you!! gina

Amy said...

Aleah, you are too funny. I think any mom would totally get what you said. I know that you wouldn't ever want it any other way (staying home with kids). And you know what the sad thing about my story is...Joel had been home with me for 6 days straight! An adult tantrum, indeed:)

Anyway, I'm totally anti proof-reading:) I actually try not to check my writing too much because then I feel like my blog gets over-edited and scripted sounding....not me sounding. Know what I mean? That is why I have huge run on sentences, bad grammar and use lots of "..." This paragraph is totally a good example of this!

Oh, and I want to make it clear that the first couch wouldn't be a bad choice for another family; just not us in this house!

amanda said...

I have a sewing machine just like that..well, I could have it..if I didn't have a tiny teensy townhome that my husband, daughter and I were squeezed into (and expecting to squeeze another child into the mix next summer)...Until I have room it's in my mom-in-laws sitting room..sigh.

Mom said...

I too loved the 'coral' sofa trick. You always make me laugh... or cry, or think or just wonder at the depth and beauty of my daughter's heart! I am continually amazed that God gave me such incredible daughters (and son...though he has no blog to comment on!)

Love Mom

Munchkin Land said...

I have been waiting and waiting to respond to this post but as you can imagine, life was a little crazy these past two days. =)

First of all, LOVE the couches. Jon and I are also looking at some similar micro-fiber couches. Please keep me posted on how they do around a toddler.

Secondly, I can TOTALLY relate to the hormones and mood-swings that are accompanying this 2nd pregnancy. I don't know what my deal is, I just can't seem to turn off the water-works or the raging hormones. Our husbands are saints indeed. You are not alone in this...

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