I am very nostalgic these days, especially in my choice of Christmas music. I admit that I start very early....beginning of November! I have been buying a new Christmas CD each winter because I want it stay fresh and new, all while being nostalgic...hmmm.

This year, I have been a bit indulgent and have bought TWO new CD's for the season! The first one I bought was Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. I think it is from an old radio recording, which I think is very cool.

And last night I picked up Burl Ives' Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer! Oh my gosh...I love it so much! The music reminds me so much of my childhood and the cute little movie with Clarice:) Maybe I'm so into the old stuff right now because our house was built in the 40's and I love imagining what kind of music was playing here back then. It is crazy to think about how many people have lived in and loved this home. Did you know Bing Crosby is from our little city? Maybe he lived in this very house:)

Even though I buy a new Christmas CD every year and I love almost all of the music of the season, the favorite will always be Roger Whittaker. It is totally 70's retro and very much an acquired taste, but we love it because we grew up with it! Please share your favorite so I can put it on my list for next year!


andi said...

Oh, Roger...although I didn't grow up listening to him, since I've been a part of your family he has definitely become a favorite of mine too :) Of course, I DID grow up listening to Keith Green (70's Christian retro at its very best!), so maybe it didn't take much for me to fall in love with Roger too :)

I also love the Vineyard Christmas cd and all of the Starbucks Christmas cd's I've heard are also really good. And newer favorite is the Andrew Peterson one from last year...

P.S. I like to buy a new Christmas cd or book every year too!

From the Woodlands said...

Sometimes Costco has a great selection for Christmas CD's, we've gottem a lot from them.

I could go on and on with our collection...The Carpenters, Amy Grant, Seattle Boy's Choir, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Kenny Gee, Vince Guaraldi Trio --A Charlie Brown Christmas to name a few!

I LOVE listening to Christmas music too! : )


From the Woodlands said...

I mean Kenny "G!" Oh good grief!!!

Munchkin Land said...

We just bought Martina McBride's White Christmas album on Saturday. Simply beautiful... I just LOVE this time of year!

Jen said...

Amy! My favorite Christmas CD is Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra! I just love it! It reminds me of Christmas at my grandmother's house! I also love Christmas music played on the piano (no words...just piano). Hope you had a great day and thanks for all your help!

Aleah said...

Christmas with the Rat Pack

- Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr & Dean Martin

Classics! It's a great CD!

Just today I'm starting to feel that "Christmas feeling"!

Now to train my eyes not to look at all those adds that give me a panicky, closed chest feeling. THAT'S NOT CHRISTMAS! : )

Double said...

Winter Solstice II, a Windham Hill CD, always reminds me of Christmas.

Mandy said...

I stumbled upon your blog through Aleahs & saw this post about Christmas music. I love that you start in the beginning of November! My husband & friends make fun of me because I start on Nov 1st (day after Halloween) - but like you, I just have too much Christmas music to fit it all into 1 month!

Anonymous said...

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