Are we there yet?

Every so often, Joel and I feel like we might have made it to adulthood. I mean, I know that we're technically considered an adult when we're 18, but I really think that it is a process to grow into that label. So, technically, we've been grown-ups for 10 years or so (Joel, not me...he's old:), but we're still trying to feel that way.

Yesterday, however, we felt like we had a very "grown-up" day. Two momentous things happened to us and both were deliveries to our house: our brand-spankin' new sofa and love seat were delivered AND our return address stamp with our very own address on it came in the mail! Wowsers:) I feel like I might have over-blogged this topic, but I'm just so excited to be settled into a life of our own without feeling like we're going to move soon and both of these deliveries just confirmed that life is feeling normal.

The address stamp is pretty self explanatory! We've just never lived anywhere that we knew we were going to stay so I've always just hand-written all of those return addresses on waaaaay too many Christmas cards. This year is going to be different because we have a flashy new stamp with our name on it. What a year:)

We've never before bought any furniture with plans to have it last for the long-haul and these pieces of furniture are definitely items we want to keep. After moving the furniture in the living room around and around, we finally settled on the setup. Poor Joel....I just have to blame the indecisiveness on the pregnancy...because I can. We plopped down on our new cushy couches and grinned because we knew that we just might have arrived at adulthood. It's a good day...he he!


Andi said...

I didn't know you guys were getting new couches! How exciting! You have to post a picture of them-I'd love to see them :)

And a address stamp- I have always wanted one too :)

Aleah said...

I want to see too!

Wow, you are old Joel. ; )

I don't think I'm an adult yet either. Maybe when the kids are 18 I'll be one? What is an adult anyway?

Congrats on the couch and the address stamp!

love, Aleah

Kelsey said...

Hurray! You have been waiting for those couches FOREVER and I am so excited that they finally arrived! And...I better be getting a Christmas card with your new address stamp on it!! :)

I love you and will see in 5 days!

Amy said...

I just read my post...Is it sad that I'm excited about such trivial things? Oh well. It isn't so much the "things" themselves that I'm excited about, but the meaning behind them:)

Vicky said...

I want to be like you guys when I grow up


PS Need a Parker fix.More pics of my little guy

Vale said...

First of all, how did you get your blog to be so good lookin'? Second of all, I totally relate to what you were noting in your blog. Sometimes when my husband and I (married 7 years) go out to dinner and I'm sort of dressed up or drinking wine or something sort of grown-"uppy" I expect someone to come along and say, "They don't allow kids in here." Its like one day we were having a make believe tea party, we woke up and we were in a real life one and it kept going! Life goes fast. Sometimes it is not so much that I am in shock that I'm an adult but the it came so quickly. Enjoy the couch. That was a big moment for me too.

Mom said...

Your parents are not grown up yet, so how can you expect to have reached adulthood already? Love the furniture (good taste) and looking forward to the stamp.
Love Mom
a PS ~to Vicky~~ I always enjoy your comments and this one especially made me laugh. You are such a special aunt to Parker. Hope you and Paul are enjoying the new home.

Munchkin Land said...

I, too, want pictures!! =) Congrats on the new couches and I know exactly what you mean by "feeling" like an adult. Every so often, Jon and I will turn to each other and exclaim over how "old" we are. Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

i think that is so great! its nice to get stuff that you know you won't replace for a long time. Im feeling that way about shoes lately. quality is such a good time... especially now that we're adults :) our whims don't change as fast! can't wait to see your house... i bet its cute you're a great homemaker. Love, gina

HolyMama! said...

the stamp AND the sofa? yep. total grown ups! congratulations, you two!


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