Thursday Thirteen: 11.9.06

Thirteen things I want to remind myself of during those first few weeks of my new baby's life...

If everything goes my way and my OB is persuaded by my great argument, I will be holding our new baby in less than 3 months from now--February 6th to be exact! I thought I would put together a list of things to read back to myself in the early days when things can feel overwhelming. Do you have anything to add?

  1. Stay in the hospital as long as they'll let you--real life begins when you get home so enjoy this unique time.
  2. Take pain meds as long as needed for surgery--don't try to go off early because of pride.
  3. Set realistic goals and don't plan on getting much done.
  4. If baby has bad reflux again, don't worry because you have experience this time and know what to do.
  5. Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle.
  6. Relax and let people take care of you...but make sure to set boundaries.
  7. Give the baby a pacifier right away and introduce a bottle not long after--it isn't going to cause problems.
  8. Remember that you are not cheating Parker of special time with mom; you've given him a gift of a new sibling!
  9. Use a sling to carry baby around so hands are free to help Parker.
  10. Let baby sleep wherever it happens and don't get wrapped up in establishing a schedule; bad habits are not established this early on.
  11. Expect lots of crying...from everyone!
  12. Enjoy this moment--it will be over in a flash!
  13. Take as many pictures of this second baby as you did of Parker.
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Munchkin Land said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE your list!! =) I'm going to have to steal it for myself. If I could add anything it would be, send the baby to the nursery over-night. Someone gave me this advice and I LOVED it. It allowed me to get the rest I needed so badly before going home.

I'm currently struggling with how I'm going to juggle two kids, without robbing the other of time and attention. I'm sure we'll learn though, huh?!

Lucky you, February 6th! You're probably going to meet your little one before I meet this little guy. Devyn was 10 days overdue and I'm preparing for the same thing with this one.

Jenny-up the hill said...

Good list! I agree with Munchkin-land when she says to send the baby to the nursery over-night. I did that with my daughter and it did give me the rest I needed. Give it a try...you can always call for the nurse to bring your baby! And #13 is good too!! Thanks for sharing!

mominprogress said...

Great T13. Enjoy that new baby when it gets here :)
With 4 at home and a job and hubby that works all the time I feel overwhelmed most days.

happy TT.

Heather said...

Great list and Congrats on your little one on the way! How exciting! I just had mine the first of September. I totally agree with the bottle/pacifier thing. I am so glad that I introduced the bottle early on. We have had no problems with breastfeeding whatsoever!

Geggie said...

Congratulations on your new baby to be!! I think you should print out this list and put it on the fridge to to remind you!

MysteriousLady said...

Great list! Have a wonderful birth!

Happy TT!

Sadie said...

Oh my gosh how exciting!

I'm jealous... I've got the baby fever. Congratulations!

And happy TT...

Kelsey said...

Excellent list! Yep, that pretty much sums it up! The only thing I would add is don't be afraid or too prideful to ask for help from those who love you!

Kelsey said...

So I looked again and saw that you already covered my thoughts in your list (#6), but I think it should be said again because a certain someone I know doesn't always want to ask for help!

I love you!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great TT and all very true. You will feel guilty about not spending enough time with #1, but try not to dwell on it. Its a part of life and as long as you let #1 know you still love him and he's still special you'll be fine. I took my first with me to pick out a present for him to give to the baby. And I let him pick whatever he wanted, no it wasn't what I wanted, but it worked out great. I also bought a present for him from the baby. My oldest thought it was really cool that the baby picked out a present for him and it help ease some tension. Just like with the first, there's a learning curve, but you're an expert now and will have it down in no time. Best of luck for a healthy, easy labor.

Ginainchina said...

oh amy! all those things make me can't wait to have a baby. I always think that it must be easier (but of course more work since there are 2 kids now) the second time around cause we won't be so worried about the little things that we were worried about before! anyway, i love your list! I would add to that list (for my own self) is nurse a crying/hungry baby even if its not "time" HA HA :) im agreeing with grant now :)
hey, great great talking to you today thanks for calling!

Amanda said...


Hey, it's me, Andimae's sista!!! I thought I would give you some ideas as well. Here it goes...... Well I was really worried about "quality" time with Milla when Hudson was born as well, and my solution that worked quite well was including her on the little things, I would ask for her help with things like getting a diaper, burping Hudson, ya know things of that nature. Also always remember we are NOT Superwoman, Supermom, Superanything well, maybe we are sometimes Supersomethings, but my point is that all we need to be is the best that we can be in the situations we are in at that moment, and we should never feel like we have to live up to something someonelse has established for there little family. Besides, I know that you will do great, just remember to breath!!!

andi said...

I love your list too! I think I agree with every one :)

I also want to try the sling this time- I used the BabyBjorn all the time with Audrey, but was always curious about the sling and if it would have worked well for us. Its been on my list of things I want this time!

I can't believe we haven't talked for so long! We need to soon because I miss you!

Aleah said...

Great list!

Another one... No expectations! It helps not to have any low or high expectations when the little one comes to join the family! Just live life day by day AND don't count the hours of sleep you get each night! ; )

ps: I thought the sling worked great. Just wish I started using it with the 1st and not the last!!

Jen said...

I love your list! Even though I have a few years before I'm in your shoes (bummer)...I will remember it! Thank you for your little pieces of wisdom! I can't wait to hang out on Saturday! :)

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