Oh My!

Just so you know, the name of my blog actually means something. I wasn't just pulling cute words out of thin air... The "Amy " part is obvious..it is my name. But the "Oh My" part? Well, it is a phrase I often use when I have no idea what else to say. It is often accompanied with a wide-eyed look between Joel and I that says...

Is this really my life?!

Life with a toddler is sort of funny (as you veteran mama's know). Here are a few everyday "oh my" moments from this past week.
  • May cause excitability in young children. It is nap time for Parker, but at the moment he is jumping on his bed and seeing how far he can throw his huge collection of pacifiers across the room. Apparently, the cold medicine is causing some hyperactivity. Sigh. Oh My.
  • I actually hid the elephant book. I know, it sounds just terrible, but I couldn't handle it anymore and it is just for a few days so I can catch my breath. On Saturday morning, Parker woke up at 5:15 and as soon as his feet hit the floor, he ran and got the book and demanded that we "read book". And we did...three times before 6 am. I have no idea where this obsessive behavior came from:) Oh My.
  • Maybe a bodily fluids issue? Parker has always seemed to go extreme when it comes to all the gross things that go along with babyhood...puke, pee, drool, etc. Lovely stuff. He has drooled a lot his entire life and it didn't take us long to figure out that it has nothing to do with teething. I mean, seriously, he's 18 months old and if he didn't wear a bib, he would probably go through at least 3 shirts a day. At home, he wears huge, ugly, rubber-backed bibs all day (see pic above) to catch the stuff--and he goes through at least two of those a day. I'm trying to get him to just close his mouth, but so far, it hasn't worked. Oh My.
  • The boy looks bald. So Parker needed a haircut and we've found that it turns out just fine when we use the clippers at home. Usually. This time, I asked Joel to cut it since he did such a nice job last time. I don't like Parker's hair cut super short because then he looks bald and way too old. We picked out the little things you put on the clippers to make sure you don't cut too short; a one inch for the top and a 1/2 inch for the sides. Joel got started and I was standing nearby to help distract Parker with treats. I noticed an unusual amount of almost white tufts flying to the ground, and for a moment, just thought that his hair was extra long. Turns out that the 1/2 inch thingy was used for the entire head! A head that looks almost bald and huge dark circles under his eyes from a little cold...Parker has seen better days! Oh My.


Andi said...

I love that picture of Parker in his fireman hat! :)

I have been having some "Oh My" experiences with Audrey this last week too- especially on Thursday when she: got very angry when she couldn't sit inside her doll's stroller because she is just too big, ate an entire sticker that someone gave her at the store, and got tangled up in her overall straps during naptime. Oh, My indeed!

I miss you and love you, sister!

Wendy said...

Funny! I'm having these moments too w/my 18 month old. She has recently discovered how to move the kitchen chairs around to get on the counters. That keeps life interesting!

Amy said...

Oh yeah! I meant to add that I would love if you guys would share any of your Oh My moments. Thanks for reminding me Andi and Wendy:)

Aleah said...

It's nice knowing that other mothers are having a "fun" time at home just like me! ; )

I don't even know where to start with stories and happenings because so many things happen through out the day over here!

1 from last week that stands out....

- Hayden was given the okay to choose 2 pieces of candy from his pumpkin. I continued with the dishes while he chose. I take the pumpkin away and 10 mins. later he's still eating candy. I go over there and discover that he had hidden candy in the sleeve of his shirt! Stinker! And I actually suspected he might do this so I had patted him down stomach to ankles... I just skipped the arms, next time I'll do a full body search!

By the way Amy I've done the same thing to Philip's hair... I used a raised 2 instead of a 4 on top... Whoops! (The result is in my previous pumpkin patch post) : ) I guess I had an excuse... pregnancy??

Munchkin Land said...

I have been trying to post a comment ALL day, I really hate Blogger sometimes. =)

First of all, I love the explanation behind your blog name. Very insightful! Secondly, I just love the little vignettes into your life. It sounds like you are having a blast with Parker and I'm so glad you shared them with us. He sounds like a fun, loving, energetic little boy!!

Elise said...

Oh, nothing like that ever happens around OUR house. *grin*
I wouldn't even know where to start. But I DO know that GI Joe, although he has been trained in naval rescue, cannot swim in a toilet - no, the rushing, swirling eddy is too much for him.
(AND toilet paper will not fit down the hole either, once 4 or 5 more GI's have jumped in to join the rescue.)
Great stories - Parker sounds like a happy, healthy (maybe not right now) but above all NORMAL 18 month old!

Jen said...

As I read your post all I could do was smile! What a blessing children are! :) Have a wonderful day! See you Sunday!

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