halloween, elephants, and giraffes

Ohhhh...I'm just so excited for today! Today is Halloween, of course, and we are having our second annual Halloween party. Actually, it is just basically family coming over but I get to make my very special Pumpkin Chili and display my new table runner I made:) And...I get to dress up my boy as one of his favorite animals, a giraffe! Parker LOVES his costume and hugs and kisses it whenever we let him. I wonder if he'll like having it on? We're going Trick or Treating at a retirement home this morning and then we'll come home and get ready for our party.

Speaking of Halloween and the sometimes scary things that go along with it, Parker is suddenly afraid of everything! He's always been afraid of elephants. Elephants...even elephant's in books or Baby Einstein or the sound of elephants on his Raffi CD. But here is the strange part...this is Parker's favorite book:

I mean favorite. Favorite as in we read it maybe ten times a day....and it isn't a short little board book. Parker is waaaaay over those little kid reads:) This was one of my favorite books as a kid so it is actually pretty fun to read. And maybe it will help get Parker over his fear of these scary creatures.

Oh, and be prepared for plenty of pictures of my giraffe in the following days...I just might go overboard:)


Mom said...

Can't wait to come! Love Mom

Wendy said...

My daughter loves elephants. I will have to look for this book.

Elise said...

Hi Amy -
I found you on the family friendly blogroll and have really appreciated your honest posts.
I, too, will be looking for that book - I've never seen it before!
I'll be back!

Vicky said...

octoberHAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!Can't wait to see pics of Parker in his costume.Stay warm


Vicky said...

I don't know how october got added in on the comment

Aleah said...

Did Parker have fun on his first treating trip!? Can't wait to see those pictures of him in costume!

I had to chuckle at Parkers fear of Elephants... I wonder what he doesn't like about them? I suppose they are big and that trunk is freaky looking. I won't be sending our Elephant costume to you for Parker to use next year ; ) that might tramatize! Or maybe giraffe and elephant could be friends?

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