Our beloved Lazy Bones

I have been wanting to write for such a long time now, but I haven't found the right time. Joel has been home with Parker and me and for some reason, I have a harder time finding time to get online. Those boys keep me busy. I have a few things to write about but only enough time for one subject. Later I will tell you about Parker being smacked by a bully and my Mama Bear claws coming out and about our new small group at church. But now...I'm going to tell you about our newest baby and his or her new nickname: Lazy Bones.

We had our ultrasound yesterday and got to see for the very first time our beloved Lazy Bones. I know I've said this before, but Parker was such an excited little boy even before he was born. The kid never stopped moving around when we saw him on ultrasound. I thought we had a monkey in my tummy and, as it turned out, we did:) This baby never really changed positions during the 20-25 minutes that the probe was on my tummy. He or she is head down, as low as possible, and the head was cocked to one side. The tech was trying to get it to move around but the most we got out of the baby was a little toe wiggle or finger in the mouth. And these are actually movements that I felt... so it is clear that the baby never moves more than this! Since the baby didn't turn, we really didn't get a good idea of what the babe looks like. We got a few shots of the face straight on but those tend to look like scary Halloween faces. We did get a few profile shots but they weren't really clear. Our only conclusion was that the baby looks a bit like Parker--and we think that is a really good thing.

In reality, the fact that we didn't get to see what the baby looks like doesn't matter and actually makes me more excited for the birth. We did find out that baby is healthy and strong and measuring right on track. What wonderful news! And the fact that the baby is lazy doesn't bother me a bit because...well, you could just as well say that about me:)


Aleah said...

So exciting for you to get a little look at your baby... and it's always nice to know that everything is just right in there!

It'll be interesteing to see if the baby is still a mellow one once he/she is born!

With the bully thing we've encountered that...I think you know. I'm getting urked right here thinking about it. Poor Ella last Sun.

Mom said...

Ah, Lazy Bones... quite a cute substitute for Eleanor-Elroy! Loved being there with you.
Its good Gramma Bear wasn't on site to show her claws to the bully.
Love Mom

Munchkin Land said...

I am so, so thrilled for you and so happy that you had such a wonderful ultrasound. Of course, I'm DYING to know what you're having but if you can stand the wait, I guess I can too. =) Have you two decided on any names yet?

I'm constantly amazed at the difference in movements between these two pregnancies. Devyn was fairly active but Hudson is so much more so, he NEVER stops moving. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come... Oh my! You'll be getting lots of calls from me asking for help.

andi said...

Lazy Bones- what a cute nickname :) And how fun that you finally got to get a glimpse of your new little one- even though they were feeling kind of shy!

I can't believe that it has been so long since we have talked! I am going to have to give you a phone call soon. I miss you!

Vicky said...

qWho smacked my Parker? Good thing auntie was not there, they would of got it


Kelsey said...

I am so excited to meet little Lazy Bones! I think God knows that having two kids with Parker's level of energy would be slightly challenging, so he is blessing you with a little one that loves to cuddle with mama. That's my theory anyway! Love you!


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