Works For Me Wednesday

This is a last minute post before I get ready for bed ... and don't you dare look at what time I'm posting this:)

Here is what works for me today: toothpaste as jewellery cleaner. I asked a jeweller once about how I could clean my wedding ring at home and he said that they actually use toothpaste at the store. So I just whip out an old toothbrush, apply some paste and gently scrub away. I have found that I can get my ring cleaner at home than if I ask someone to do it with their big machine. Make sure you put the stopper in the sink if you are working over it...I have had a few close calls!

Now I'm off to bed...enjoy your clean rings!

For more tips like this, visit Rocks In My Dryer.


Larae said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I was just researching online the other day for tips on cleaning my rings, I found one for white vinegar and it didn't work the way I wanted it to. I'll try this out =)

Andi said...

Hey you stinker! I have been checking your blog all day, hoping for pictures of Parker in that giraffe costume, and instead this!? :)

I guess I'll forgive you. It DOES sound like a great tip. You just better post those pictures tomorrow because I am dying to see my cutie nephew! Love you guys!

P.S. I posted mine of Audrey as a ladybug :)

Vicky said...

Thanks for the tip :) You should also try puting it in a cup of water with a little bit of dish washing liquid, and set it overnight.That;s how keep mine clean


Vicky said...

Sorry for the bad grammer, its time for bed


Munchkin Land said...

As far as the time goes, I'm right there with you. I think both Devyn and I were in bed by 8:30 last night. *Sigh* Don't you love being pregnant?!?

I agree with Andi, I was hoping for pictures of Parker in his costume. Maybe today, huh?!

Elise said...

Wow - I think this is the best Works for me Wednesday tip I have ever seen! I'm always wishing I could get my ring as clean as when I take it to a jeweler - and we live in a very small town, so that rarely happens.
Thanks so much!

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