Identical twin girls and a bad diet...

You all might think this is sort of funny after my passionate post about girls. I had a dream that we found out that we were having identical twin girls AND I didn't pass my gestational diabetes test. I don't know which one I was more worried about...the girls or the strict diet I would have to be on! Both situations are possible...twins run in our family and I barely passed my GD test last time. Eeeek! By the way, if we find out we're having twins, we will find out the sex ahead of time. That would be waaaaaay too much to handle on the birthday!

Parker and I are on our way to decorate cookies with other moms and kids. Actually, I really just want to eat them. Maybe I am on my way to becoming diabetic!


JennG said...

Don't you just love pregnancy dreams?! Fraternal twins run in our family too; paternal grandfather is a twin and he had twins, yikes, huh?! Have a great time with the cookies...

Andi said...

Amy, you are so funny and cute!

Aleah said...

So when is your ultrasound?!

God does have a sense of humor about these things...... ; )

Have a good cookie feast!

PS I have to say baby girls are wonderful too! I also was a little weary of having a girl before Ella was born. My mind has changed and it's going to be just fine!

Vicky said...

Enjoy the cookies :)
Twins would be fun

Ginainchina said...

Im sad that you have company this weekend cause thatmeans you probably won't post :( WHAAA

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