Just a day full of blessings yesterday...

My mom came over in the morning and helped me get ready to have my Joel's parents over. She did so much! She folded my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, made up three beds, helped clean up around the house, AND entertained Parker. This would have taken me soooo long to finish and I felt so ready to have company. She did receive some payment...a nice slobbery kiss from Parker that only a grandma would enjoy:)

Later in the morning I had a great visit with my good friend Gina and her son Winston. I love having easy conversation with Gina and spending time with her and Winston. She's really encouraging and our babies are about the same age. I think they should never leave!

When Joel's parents showed up, they surprised us by giving us an air conditioner for our house. I cannot tell you how this will change our quality of life for the summer. It is supposed to be 104 today so the AC will be going full blast.

Such a day full of blessings...I'm so thankful!

See Gina... I can post even with company!!!


Andi said...

What a great gift! How sweet of them to get that for you guys :)My first thought was that it will make it so much better for you being pregnant in the heat!

Ginainchina said...

you're so nice! :) Im glad you're posting still... and WOW killer about the AC! love, gina

Aleah said...

Moms are so nice! Friends and conversation are so nice too!

104 degrees?! Sounds like Joel's parents gave you guys the PERFECT gift!

Is it supposed to be that hot come the end of next week?!!

Andi said...

Amy! Kels told us about your AC breaking!! And it being so hot! I'm sorry! And not fixed until TUESDAY!! Yipes! (How many more explaination points does this comment need, Andi?!!!)

JennG said...

I LOVE days like that. Enjoy the air conditioning. I'm sure you can use it.

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