Eat Dirt

What? You don't let your kids eat dirt?!

Okay, so we've had a little problem with our air-conditioned bliss. Our AC unit broke the day after it was installed so now we have no AC in 100 degree weather. It is seriously like 95 in the house. I have a very bad word for this but I will refrain from polluting the web:)

On Sunday morning, we were out at 6:30 am working on our flower bed. This is the only time of the day we can do this, you see, because it is the only time it is below 90. Okay, okay, I'll stop complaining...I'm getting tired of listening to myself.

Anyway, Parker loves to help with everything and so he was basically sitting in the dirt and throwing it all over. Very fun! He was so happy in the dirt. I think he started eating it when I wasn't looking. Why do kids think dirt tastes good? Thank God for Parker. He is so lovely even when I'm thinking unlovely thoughts...


Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness, can Parker get any cuter? I love that you let him get all dirty and experience the messy joys of life! I know you are having a hard time with the heat (I can't imagine being hot 24/7 AND being pregnant! Yikes!), but keep your chin up...I promise it will get better. Just keep Parker by your side and he will always give you something to smile about. I love you!

Your sis

JennG said...

As my husband says (all the time), "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt." Yes, big eye-roll here but I guess the sentiment is true. I think Parker has the most gorgeous blue eyes. Wow!

Aleah said...

So sorry your ac is gone. It's got to be harder since you had a little taste of coolness and WHAM heat again.
Ella went to bed at 10 or 11 last night because she was so sweaty and hot. How have you guys been sleeping in those temps?!

Love the dirt pictures of Parker!

I have to e-mail you one of my 2 oldest..... : 0

Ginainchina said...

you're good for me - cause I can't stand it when Win has dirt on him... but Im trying to be less AR about it :) amy, so sad about your AC! what happened, can it get fixed?

Vicky said...

Parker is so CUTE.He's getting so big.
Hope you guys are doing well
Miss you guys :(

Jen said...

I love that you let Parker just be a kid! You don't freak out about the little things. How great that he gets to enjoy his time in the garden as well! :) Can't wait to talk in person soon! Take care!

Brandon and Rachel said...

I can't even imagine being pregnant in this weather! Nursing Anali right now is like hugging a hot water bottle.

Parker is precious! I have many fond memories of playing in the dirt when I was little. I'm glad you let him get out and get dirty. Good mama!

Plain Jane Mom said...

Boys and dirt are magnetically attracted to each other, it seems. I've given up trying to understand why... I just try to keep most of the mud outside! Very sweet photos!

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