I miss my sister!

My sister is off having a summertime adventure near the Atlantic coast and I think she should come home today! As you can tell from the picture, she's fun, pretty and best of all...she loves my Parker
like none other!

Come home soon little sister or I'm going to come get you myself:)


JennG said...

I can SOOOO relate. I have three younger sisters and I hate it when they're gone more than a week. I think we really have an unhealthily strong bond but there's absolutely no way any of them will be allowed to move more than an hour away. (We'll see if their husbands can agree to that before any I Dos are said.) =) I hope she gets home soon, I'm sure Parker misses his auntie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mimes, I miss you too! I don't know why I decided to go away for so long. I love going on new adventures, but at the end of the day all I really want is to be close to my family. You are my best friend and I love you so much! It is a good thing that we have the same cell phone company, because our phone bill would be EXTREMELY high otherwise! You always know how to make me smile and a hug from you is worth more than anything in the world. Tell Piker that Auntie is coming home soon and that she can't wait to embrace him and give him lots of love. You are my sister forever and I love you.


P.S. Your phone call today kept me smiling for hours!

Wendy said...

That is so neat that you have such a close relationship. I have one sister that is 2,000 miles away and it is hard. I haven't seen her for 1 1/2 years, but we talk or email almost daily.

Dad said...

Amy Girl,

I enjoy reading this (when I gat a little time). Did you notice the great flag behind Kels. You didn't know she was in Norway, did you?



Brandon and Rachel said...

My sister came to visit Anali and me today. Isn't it so precious to watch your favorite people interact in your home and love on each other?

Jen said...

I hear you! Both Ann and Kathryn are on the westside and have no plans of moving over. I miss them so much! There is such a strong bond between sisters that it's hard to be away from them! How is Kelsey doing?? When will she be home? When you talk to her please tell her that Nick and I both say Hi!!!

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