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There was a time when this blog was a huge part of my life. I posted a ton, documented most of our family events and even shared parts of my heart. Blogging was such an outlet to the outside world as I transitioned into full time motherhood. It all started when we had recently moved back into the area and were new homeowners. We were new parents. We didn't have many friends yet. We were just starting out. And yes, I had many, many more online friends than I had "real life" friends. Some great online friends became dear real life friends in the process. And they're keepers. Really, blogging was a lifesaver for me.

Things are different now. We have three kids...that baby that was published on this blog more than necessary is now 7 1/2! I'm no longer a newbie. We've moved to a new neighborhood. Joel has been at his job for a while and, most importantly, we have-- a network of our people. We are no longer on the outside looking into this community, but we're plugged in and so happy to be here.

Lately I've been feeling the need to write on here. I no longer feel the need to be really involved in the blogging community, but I just want to express some of the things going on in my head. As I (slowly) emerge from the fog of babies and toddlers and into the very different stage of parenting school-aged children, I feel the seriousness of this time of life often overwhelming. It is a different kind of hard. I need to process...not let these thoughts just swim in my head or let them explode on the first adult I happen to be with. I hope this place can be an outlet for me, once again.

I also want to document this good life of ours. I love looking back on our early years and seeing the kids grow up in pictures! I hate that I've had such a gap, but I'm serious about getting back on track. So, hello world, I'm back to blogging. Hopefully.


~Sue said...

A new kind of hard (no doubts on that one!)
No longer a newbie (not a bad thing)
No longer on the outside (a good thing!)
Not letting things explode (excellent plan)
Understanding the "seriousness of this time" (very wise)
Documenting this "good life" and "processing"
(Hooray. Praise Jesus! You are back!!)
...and I love that you used THAT particular photo!

Blomgrens said...

I love the way you think and write and sooo look forward to processing with you. You may not need the blogging community but it's a blessing to have you in mine. And, I love everything your mom said.

~Sue said...

Post Script to "seriousness"

Stuff can be serious, but most is not dire...


Only God must be taken entirely seriously and even He has a sense of humor :)

Kelsey said...

You have been missed, Sista! Your writing is 100% Sassypants and reading your words makes me feel just a little bit closer to you even though we are miles apart :)

And don't worry about the gap in pictures of your children...I've taken care of that for you these past few years! ;)

Lovin' on my Boys said...

Your blog has always been one of my very favorite to read and I would be so excited if you posted more! We have three boys and just brought home a little girl from Russia last Christmas Eve! I can always SUPER relate to everything you are going through. Hope you come back!

Amy Hook said...

I love all your words. But that picture is AWESOME!!! :)

Jen said...

You're adorable!!! Welcome back!

Brittany said...

I've always enjoyed reading about your family, even though we are so far apart and haven't really talked much in recent years. But I love your writing and I look forward to reading about your new directions :)

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