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<p>Two year old Hollyn is so dang fun! So dang difficult at the same time...but mostly hysterical. I never want to forget her munchkin voice and the way she has something to say about everything--although we can only understand maybe a 1/4 of it. Have I mentioned how she says Griffin's name? "Gigiss"=her bff. And she says a couple of other funny things...

When she is ready for us to come get her from the crib in the morning, she grows all of her special items out on the floor and tries to make as much a ruckus as possible. Then she jumps up and down and shouts, "mama, way Aaahhh youuuu?"...over and over....and over. ;)

Also, she has really been enjoying conversations about her boogers. And she really likes making her brothers laugh. So we hear, "karker, memember, I have boogas?"...as she holds out her finger for his inspection. Ugh.

I almost forgot this last one. She actually said no words, but sometimes actions speak louder;) Last night at dinner, Hollyn accidently spilled her ranch dressing on griff. Griff absolutely lost it! Tears and devastation, oh my. For some reason, condiments and dressings send Griff over the edge. Hollyn got such a kick out of it, her salad "accidently" made it over to griffin a few more times. Her expression was priceless: total poker face and then cracking up as she was placed in timeout. Oy.

I sure love her.


The Boggs Family said...

Love it!!! How cute is this age?... and particularly, all these adorable Hollynisms that I imagine will be so fun to read back through some of these posts in years to come. ;) Miss you guys & think of you often!

~Sue said...

Can't forget how she immediately says, "See?" "See?" to point out her lovely outfit of the day to any and all who will look and listen. :)
Gigiss and Karker have quite a little sister! What would the Randalls be without her?

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