we dance

I woke up knowing this was going to be a hard day. It was one of those times that I woke up tired... without even living yet. Ugh. Not good. Not possible with three young ones.

And apparently, Hollyn is feeling the same way. I know this because she is throwing everything she gets her hands on and hitting...oh, the hitting. I would be doing the same thing if no one was watching.

But we dance.

We have nightly dance parties here in our house. And I don't mean the hokey pokey or any other tame, preschool songs. Nope. We get down. I don't have the moves, believe me. But I don't care. Parker has some serious moves...I have no idea where he learns them. He says music class but I can't imagine that. I'm going to believe that they are from his soul;) Griffin is slightly robotic. Maybe a little stiff but he's coming along. Hollyn knows how to groove. She was born with it. Those hips don't lie. Have you ever seen Joel dance? Then you know...he's got it.

So about an hour ago I was done barking at the kids...feeling like I couldn't last another minute. I turned on some music I hoped would do the trick.

It did. Hollyn danced for four straight songs while Griffin ate lunch and I cheered her on. 

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In this house, we dance. It brings things back into focus and we remember to have fun together. Why is that so easy to forget?


Jamie said...

i love this! We do the same thing at our house...it really does help everybody! Thanks for sharing! Perhaps next time we're in town we could have one GIANT outside dance party! Blessings to your family!

Kelsey said...

Such a great post, sista! I love that you have dance parties :)

~Sue said...

The delightful Randalls doing life!
Love it!
Griff comes from Grampa's and Mooma bloodlines on the stiff dancing efforts :) He has years of dance parties to loosen up though--Grampa and Mooma will wait to heaven to bust out our perfect moves :)

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