I think I have an obsessive personality. I mean, when I'm into something...I usually just can't help myself. I am bursting to tell someone some of my current loves. And sadly, they're probably not surprising to anyone. I don't really keep my mouth shut.

Seriously. I'm pathetic. I feel so passionate about a cancelled tv show. I don't know if I'll ever be over it.

1. Friday Night Lights. I cried when the last episode aired. It wasn't necessarily a sad ending...I just was so connected to those characters. Obsessed. They are real to me. And happily, I'm reliving all 5 seasons right now. I started over at the very beginning. I'm on season one, episode 11. I would be further but I only allow myself to watch it while I'm on the treadmill. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Running. Now, I'm tempted to delete that word. I told myself I could never be a runner. But...really, that is lame. Of course I can. I'm healthy, youngish...and now that I bought a used treadmill off of craigslist, I don't have a single excuse. None. My goal is to become a runner and enjoy myself. And since I get to watch my favorite show while I'm exercising, I'm LOVING it. 

3. Leaves. We don't have a ton of leaves up here on the prairie...but that is okay. We have great views of the changing colors. I do love the colors, but what I'm really talking about is the Bath & Body Works scent: Leaves!! It says fall, home, cozy, crisp...everything good about the season.

4. Spotify  Do you use spotify? If you do, I don't have to explain the wonder of it all. If you don't, you just must be confused. It is FREE. You will likely never have to buy another CD or mp3 again. I love music. I am so thankful that we live in a time that we have access to so many good artists. 

This is just one that I found today that I LOVE. Yes, I start my Christmas music on November 1st. Sorry to all of you schrooges if that is offensive. Bummer for you;) Check out this brand-new Christmas album: A Very She & Him Christmas.  You know, Zooey Deschanel? You'll love it, too.

5. Parenthood More TV. I really don't watch that much TV...just these two shows. But like I said, when I love something...I REALLY do. Sharing the same Executive Producer as FNL, Jason Katims, Parenthood is tied for first as my favorite. How could I choose? I love all of those Panthers and Bravermans. If you are in a family (and I think most people must be) or have any experience with relationships, you will relate with the characters on this show. Sometimes I wonder if my name is actually Amy Braverman. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

6. Joe Purdy station on Pandora. My fave right now.

7. The Sunshine. It might be a given...most people love the sun. But I feel like I need it. When the sun is out, life is a little bit better. And we've had the most beautiful, sunny fall. Can't get enough.

8. Trader Joe's. Our great town just got a Trader Joes!! It is a huge deal. It really is my favorite place to shop for food. And the prices!! So, after six years of living in a town with out a TJ's, finally the wait is over!! I feel giddy about it. 

I have so many more obsessions. Big and little and everything in between. I would like to share more later but for now, time to get going with real life!


~Sue said...

Obsessed? Really? How about passionate, dedicated, loyal, committed? And fun!
Did you know you cannot find a Leaves candle ANYWHERE!
I did not know how Dedicated to running you were :) Good job!
Sunshine? I bet I am more obsessed than you on that one!
Love you-- obsessively.

~Sue said...

oooh and I need to check out that Christmas music!

Kristen said...

I have to admit, you've passed on some of your obsession to me in the form of Parenthood. I saw you posting about it on facebook a few times and decided to check it out, and now I'm hooked. And to me, none of your obsessions really seem like a bad thing, running, sunshine, music, all good things!

Kelsey said...

I'm with mom...I had no idea you were into running! However, I can totally see how TV could be a motivation :) All of your obsessions are VERY good things!

The Boggs Family said...

I am smiling! :) Love it, Amy!! Thanks, too, for the link to the most stellar album to check out! I'm with ya... love Christmas music early, too. In fact, last year yesterday, we put up decorations for Christmas. haha. Not quite there yet this year... maybe next week. ;) (since we'll be gone for Thanksgiving anyway & might as well enjoy the holiday cheer a bit longer, right?!) :) I love how you describe being obsessed... I can relate - your post inspires me to think about those things right now that I can't get enough of... :) (Pinterest, Hot cup of java in the morning, the belly laughs of our littlest guy, the colors of Fall, Adele, ..) Love you guys!! Love thinking about what you are loving right now!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

1. I second your feelings about Friday Night Lights. Obsessed. I want to be Tammy Taylor, actually.
2. I cannot believe you bought a treadmill. That actually makes me giddy. Half marathon summer 2012?!
3. Spotify is great. Agreed.
4. I told the guy at the sample counter at TJs last week that it was one of the best days of my life. The first trip to Trader Joes in Spokane. I'm sure he thought I was crazy. Glad you are that excited too!
5. Love you!

Dareth said...

I was just talking to someone the other day about the Braverman's and we quickly realized that we were discussing that show like it were actually real. So, you are in good company. :)

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