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I'm no creative genius...at all. But I did come up with one good idea in 2010. I love Christmas cards more than anything. I LOVE that most people send pictures these days. But then I have the dilemma of what to do with them after Christmas. I can't throw them away!

So I just covered all of my 09 cards with contact paper, punched a hole in a corner & then used a binder ring to keep them all together. Voila! Now you have a book you can look thru all year and isn't a mess! Hollyn even enjoys looking at all the pictures and licking the faces:) Love it! This is a picture of some of last year's cards...this year is going to be even better because you all sent the most fabulous pictures!!

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The Boggs Family said...

Yes, genius! :) GREAT idea, Amy!!! Thanks for sharing... I think I may just be copying you; what a fantastic way of saving the pics without having a "stash" somewhere in some drawer, or feeling like there's a mess of too many cards without a proper spot. Love this idea!!

Chantel said...

Love it Amy....one step further....place on table and at dinner time, pray for one family with your dinner prayer. We try to do this in Dec as the cards arrive. Love reading your blog!!!

Have I invited you to mine? If not, I can. It's set to private. =)

Mary said...

That is awesome! I could never think of what to do with our's either.

Happy New Year!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I loved looking at it at your house the other day. I agree - it's the best idea :).

Kelsey said...

LOVE the idea, you creative sister of mine! :) We may not be able to knit or sew, but gosh darn it we can make picture books! :)

urbanistaweddings said...

Great job! Mom's are always creative-No matter what!

Susan said...

This is a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. :-) Susan

Jenny said...

and a great idea it is!

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