I can't seem to complete a full sentence, but I sure can communicate in bullet points! Must be something I retained from my college days:)

Life keeps rolling along.
Life is good. Life is messy. Life is hard. Life is fun. Life is mundane. Life is exceptional. Life is blessed, don't you think?

Here are some random thoughts floating around in my head:
  • I think I made decaf coffee this morning. Not a good idea...sorry Joel! I made a real pot mid-morning to make me feel alive.
  • I want to go on a family vacation so bad. We are so lucky that we get to go on lots of trips with family and do fun things together, but our little family has rarely done any type of trip alone. But I tend to want a lot of things.
  • I love real seasons. If it is winter, I want it to be snowy! In the summer, I expect heat! It has been quite snowy this winter...but now we're in the beginning of a thaw. So yucky. Water is shooting out of our gutters like a river!
  • We've been here over a year and I am just now thinking about putting up curtains. I'm slow.
  • Parker started basketball and it is the cutest thing ever. They even get to run through a fog machine/tunnel and get they're name announced. His next game is tomorrow and I'm already so excited!
  • Hollyn has been sick for months straight. I feel like it has been her entire life, but I've been known to exaggerate. Needless to say, this mama is tired. And my poor little girl could really use some relief.
  • I'm in total awe of God's healing of little Ella. I've never witnessed a miracle even close to this and it has truly changed my life. She had NO CHANCE of living. And now she is two months old. Read this. But start at the beginning, because it is that good.
  • Joel is going to turn 33 in a matter of weeks. Whoa. Even though I am still in my twenties, I feel like WE are now in our mid-thirties;)
  • I have a new little computer. I'm on my netbook right now. Have I mentioned that it is mine?
  • Griffin wants to be karate kid. He says he is starting on Saturday. What?! I hate to see what that boy could destroy with some skills!
And now, a random picture for your enjoyment.


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

*Was a headache your indication that your coffee was decaf? Not fun!
*I am jealous of Parker and the fog machine.
*I LOVE the family picture. Was it post red-sucker for Mr. Parker? And sweet Hollyn's expression - Griffin too! Adorable.

carly said...

i loved reading this blog post, and getting to know a little bit more about you amy!:) looking forward to monday. :)

Blomgrens said...

*I love bullets and/or numbered things... it's easier.
*Your family pic is so fun
*I totally get your feelings about a family vacation
*In CO I has some pictures leaning against the wall where I wanted to hang them for about 2 years... they never got hung, we moved! It's terrible I know.

Sue Asbjornsen said...

*I love any blog post by my girls
*I feel like I'm almost 60;I'm not
*rain is not my favorite--at all
*I would like a computer...my own
*Ella has shown us God, big time
*Hollyn is the happiest sick girl
*"wax on" Grif
*keep waving while you play, Park
*vacations will come, promise
*decaf is worthless
*lists are healthy for the soul

Jen said...

I love this post (maybe because I love bullets so much?)! :) I have to agree with you about little Ella, too! I've NEVER experienced a miracle like her! So thankful her family is willing to share their story! Hope you're having a great day!

Joel said...

-Thanks for the old-guy jab
-Your mom is hilarious
-You're hot
-I love you


Dan said...

Such a great list - and family pic.

I've been praying for Joel lately... he is getting old. I know... because I'm a couple years ahead of him.

Dame Judi said...

Love it all! Amazing for all you do and are, Amy, you are still beautiful!

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