welcome to the circus

I recently wrote on Facebook that I feel like I am part of a circus act. It is true. I really, really hope someone out their is enjoying the entertainment, because if I wasn't the one experiencing "the act", I would think it was hilarious.

However. Ahem. Sometimes chaos gets old. Don't you think?

This morning was going well. I got more sleep that usual and I was actually feeling as though the circus was taking an intermission. Things were rolling along unusually smooth. As in, I was showered before ten. And we had no major injuries. Yet.

I was feeling so good about things that I decided to pack everyone up and head to school before p.m. kindergarten in order to check out the book fair. So far, so good. I let kids pick out a book and even paid for them without losing a child or witnessing a tantrum. Nice work, Amy. You might just have this parenting thing down.

I send Parker on his way to his classroom across the school grounds. I put the younger two in the car. I'm about to shut Griffin's door and I notice that Parker is looking back to wave to me. It was like slow motion. He turns back around and hits his forehead smack-dab into the light pole. Not again! He did this exact same thing during his second week of school. He is so much like me, it is ridiculous!

So I quickly shut the car door and lock the younger two in so that I can go rescue Parker. It takes a few minutes but I finally encourage him to get off the ground, find his courage and walk into class. I kiss his scrapes and he walks to class. Nice parenting, Amy. Good work. You deserve a medal.


Why is Griffin crying? Why isn't he sitting in his seat like I ask him to? Shoot.

So I open the door to the car and see snot rolling off of Griff's chin and a red, swollen finger. I quickly realize that I had slammed Griffin's fingers in the car door as I ran off to help Parker and earn my parenting award! And not only did I slam them in, but I locked to door so he was stuck the entire time while I was gone. Awesome.

Now Griffin is napping with an icepack around his little hand. Hopefully he'll forgive me :( Poor guy. Not feeling as great about my parenting skills anymore. Welcome back to the circus, Amy. Intermission is over ;)


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Oh. my. gosh. I know I shouldn't be laughing out loud right now because I imagine the experience was not a laughing matter at the time. But I can't believe Parker hit the post again!!! And poor Griffin ;).

You are one of the best moms I know. I'm not kidding. Even if it is a bit of a circus right now!

Kristen said...

It happens to the best of us! And it's horrible when it's not your own child and they don't love you unconditionally.

Dan said...

Amy: That was HILARIOUS. Think how well you will sleep tonight.

Julie said...

I'm.so.sorry. Hugs all around.... and a dose of grace to you... it happens. Hang in there. Crazy circus and all :)

Kelsey said...

I find humor and joy in your circus :) Am I allowed to say that? Well, I just did...

I cannot believe Park ran into the pole AGAIN...poor kid :( And Griff is tough, he'll think his finger injury is cool and show it to everyone at school :)

Love you!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

Not sure if our "oh, oh oh, oh----saaaaad!" was louder or our laughter. Add a comedy of errors to the circus! Unbelievable. The boys survived and so has the ringmaster. Love heals all. All part of being the Randall's...

Sue Asbjornsen said...

PS~ the ringmaster also writes the story REALLY well!

Rhiannon said...

Amy, I am liking you more and more!!! LOL I am so grateful you wrote about that day because not only does it make me feel better (Steven ran into the wall cause he was turned and waving to me) but it shows what a truly great mom you are!! Although I now have that creepy circus music stuck in my head . . . LOL I'm hoping the week goes much more smoothly for you!! :)

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