poor baby

I'm beginning to think we're really bad at determining when our kids are actually sick. In the spring, our kids had pinkeye and ended up exposing tons of kids because we had no idea! And just this week, Hollyn had roseola, and again, we had no idea! And that is just plain dumb, as Griffin has had it before and we know the symptoms! All that to say, BEWARE: we're likely spreading nasty germs right this very minute...
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Sue Asbjornsen said...

Yes, poor baby! I did not think of that either; no "plain dumb"-ness involved. Are you sure its roseola?
Thankful you did not miss yesterday!

LAURA said...

We like you guys, germs and all:) It was so good to see you Sunday and meet Hollyn, she is a doll baby.

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