school rules

I love love love being a "school mom"! Love watching Parker interact with his friends, seeing him learn things every single day, forming a partnership with his teacher, interacting with other parents....so much to love!

I also love hearing how the day went when I pick Parker up after school. I ask four specific questions:

*Did you work hard?
*Were you respectful?
*Were you a good friend?
*Did you have FUN?

So fun to hear the responses:)
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Sue Asbjornsen said...

What an important aspect of your job~~ "school mom." You are a wonderful one already.
Mooma's (no-school related)question, "Any grasshoppers today?" :)

Kelsey said...

Good questions, sista! You are a phenomenal mama to all of your kiddos :)

Lovin' on my Boys said...

I agree, those are such great questions! I love how specific they are... not just "What did you do today?"

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I don't want time to go by too fast, but I'm already looking forward to being a school mama and asking those good questions ;). It's a bit hard at this point to imagine Clara able to articulate an answer...but I know that will come.

Glad that you get to pave the way to all these new experiences - and can pass along the good ideas to me!

Aleah said...

Love the questions!

Kindergarten is such a fun time!

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