1 month

For Hollyn's big one month birthday, she got to go to her pediatrician. Here she is showing off...:) I thought she was so chubby, but turns out she's actually really skinny and long. She just has lots of gas that gives her that beer gut! She is a healthy 8lbs 14 oz...30th% for weight and 85th% for height. And to compare, our friend Jonathon took this next picture of Hollyn one month ago today...


Bryant said...
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Kelsey said...

Happy one month Hollyn! She is getting so big already! Skinny and long? Hmmm...that seems to run in the family :)

Love you!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Look at her holding her head up. Wow! Talented already ;). And I'm glad you got the pics from Jono. I love that one!!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Okay I know I just commented, but I just scrolled down after I did and compared the first pic of Hollyn to the first one of Griffin in the following post. Um, is it just me or are they twins...separated by three-ish years, of course ;)?!

Wendy said...

She is beautiful, Amy!

Jen said...

I can't believe how much she has changed in one month!! Happy One Month, Baby Hollyn!

Jenny said...

Look how well she holds her head up!

Julie said...

only 15 more ounces and she'll be at Ben's birth weight :) HA!!

She's beautiful!!

Best to all your family!

Julie Davis

Amanda said...

Amy, she is beautiful!! It's amazing how much she looks like her brothers! And i love, love, love her name because no one else will probably have it. You know how I love a name no one has! :)

What a beautiful family!

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