The boys really, really love Hollyn. Really. But Griffin just needs a little practice keeping his passion for life under control. We were having a few too many moments like this:
He just really loves her or something. So we decided to get Griffin a baby of his own to practice using his gentler side. Her name is Paco. Yes, Paco. And so far she's been a great addition to the family.
Oh, and we recently found out that Griffin has an imaginary friend, Mr. Pie. I'll tell you more about him later:)


Kelsey said...

That is a fantastic picture...so Griffin! I'm glad I get to see what Paco looks like since I've heard so much about her :)

Love you!

Dani said...

Amy, what a great idea. Benson our middle guy is obsessed with hugging, kissing,and violently displaying his love for his younger brother William. I think I might just try this idea too! Thanks!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

That is hsyterical. So is the first picture of Griff w/ Hollyn!

Jen said...

Absolutely love the pictures (and Paco)! :)

Jenny said...

I seriously think you need to tell him that Paco lives at Miss Jenny's house. I'll dig up my leprechaun boots. :)

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