maternity photos!

My sister in law is magic. She's a photographer and she offered to do some maternity shots a while back. I was nervous. I get nervous about weird things. But good thing we're family because I was not an easy subject....I might have given her a bit of my attitude reminiscent of 15 years ago. Maybe;) But look what she did! She took a lot more, but here is a sampling and I love them! They were all taken in a field next to our house. See more of Andi's work at her website.


Sue Asbjornsen said...

Lovely photography and lovely subject(s).Ready to hold "Heart."

carly said...

those are awesome pictures!:) you look great! just a few more days!!:)

Jen said...

Love, love, love!

McMurrays said...

gorgeous! can't wait to meet this baby girl!!

Gina said...

and i can't wait to hear her name!! you guys have the best taste in names!

Jenny said...

Oh Amy!!! These are wonderful! I'm absolutely giddy about Monday!

And cute shirt...may I borrow it when you're done with it?

Chic Mama said...

So beautiful! What a nice little belly!

I am praying for everything to go perfectly tomorrow! Blessings and can't wait to meet your sweet girl!

Amy said...

sweet pictures amy! so exciting that theres a little baby girl inside there about to make her appearance!

Dame Judi said...

Oh my, indeed! You wear this newest 'form' beautifully, Amy. Beautiful as always.

Best wishes to you all.

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