We had such a fantastic Easter. For the first time, I feel that both of my kids really "got it". I've never talked so much about the details of the crucifixion! I don't have pictures from the great Easter Sunday we spent with my family--complete with a scavenger hunt skillfully planned out by the grandparents! But the week leading up to Easter was special...we dyed eggs, read many resurrection books, talked a lot about the length of nails used, and also made a bunny house together. Oh, and we heard many prayers via Griffin concerning Jesus getting owies because he didn't eat his waffles....hmmmm:)


Nicole said...

I love your boys! They are soo cute! Getting close to the big day. Thinking about you guys. I hope everything is going well. Love you!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

It was a splendid Easter. How beautiful to see the boys processing and grasping the resurrection of Jesus.

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