belly shot about 24 weeks

I used to be so anti bare-belly pictures....but I don't care anymore. This is my third and I might as well see the reality of my growth. Maybe I should call this "my growing derriere" instead of "growing girth" :) Just kidding. It is all a part of the road to baby!


Mary said...

I was looking at the pic and had just said, "She doesn't even have a belly" when I saw your "post" to the pic and the arrows! You are hiliarious! ;o)

Hope it all goes super smooth and you enjoy every moment of it!

The Boggs Family said...

Oh Amy, that is too funny! You can't even tell you're pregnant! And you're over the half-way point. Not fair. hahah. I, on the other hand, look quite huge for only being (almost) 20 weeks. Sheesh! Hope you are feeling well! You look amazing - as always! Love to you & the fam...

Sue Asbjornsen said...

You giggled all thru our phone conversation tonight! Maybe its this baby girl tickling you! And you're girth is minimal--think of it as HAZEL being healthy! :)

Jenny said...

cute cute cute!!!

LAURA said...

you look great amy!! we need to get a mom's nite together soon!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Oh congratulations! And thanks for the giggle. You look lovely! :)

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