I really, really, really miss being on here. A lot. But here is the thing...totally lame excuse coming...my computer is in the office/dump room. It is THE room in the house where nothing is unpacked, it still needs to be painted...and even the computer is dusty and gross. Long story short: I just don't like to be in here because then I am reminded that I should be working on fixing this little problem. Ugh. I'm typing with my eyes closed right now. I don't have the clarity of mind to say anything important on here, but here are a few randoms:

*I don't know what is happening, but I feel so hungry. And I'm tired of it. I am seriously not eating for fun anymore...I feel like a bottomless pit. I could eat three dinners. Also, I'm only 13 weeks or so and I'm already about the size I was at 20 or so with the boys. This third pregnancy is so weird. But anyway, I love the little swimmer anyway. He/She makes me happy.

*I had a dilemma in my head the other day at the grocery store. I was supposed to be shopping for the snack for Parker's school the next day. I couldn't make up my mind...should I be the cool mom and get the fruit snacks and juice boxes? Or should I be the good mom and buy the organic carrots and hummus? I know. Dumb thing to even think about. I don't think I necessarily fit into either category...so....I got the graham crackers and mini raisin boxes with flavored waters. Compromise:)

*Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our new house? SO MUCH. I would post pictures....but....hmmm...where is my camera? Probably in this scary room somewhere. And I would take pictures with my phone, but someone Griffinized it and it is no more. Bummer. But use your imagination:) It is really great and spacious...has a rockin master bath...super duper kitchen....and clutter everywhere!

Love to you all! That is it for now. See, I told you I didn't have any meat to share, Kels:)


Kelsey said...

Meat or no meat, I am so happy you are blogging! HURRAY!!!

P.S. I love your snacks. I look forward to "Amy snacks" every time I come over :)

The Boggs Family said...

Ahh Amy! I have missed your updates and am so glad you were able to find a moment to blog. :) Thanks!! :) Girl, I hear ya, this 3rd pregnancy is crazy for me too & Tara can confirm, I am already popped out at only 9 weeks & am right along with your comments about feeling like a bottomless pit. I too, am hungry 24/7 it seems & it has been the only thing to help keep the nausea at bay: when I'm full, I'm not as nauseaus, so... I eat... and eat... and, ugh! Had my first appt. today & already have put on 6lbs in 4 weeks. Oh man. I will be a house by the time this little one comes along! I smiled reading your post about enjoying the little swimmer :), and dillemmas over snacks. (and whoever decided it was a good idea to send a hungry pregnant woman to the store for snacks anyway? hahahaha) I end up buying things that don't normally make it into our shelves - but enjoy it & am glad you are too! So stoked to hear how much you love your new house ---- AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I relate to feeling like there are constant reminders of things needing unpacking or painting or attention to make home feel, well, fully "home," ... but it's ok if we take our time, right? I mean, we get to use the pg excuse for a while, right? :) Miss you and have thought of you so much! Miss your adorable, sweet boys & catching up at group. Lots and lots of love to you!!!

Elise said...

Oh, I really can't wait to see pictures of the house... :) But I will!

Yes, with every pregnancy, I popped out earlier and more. The joys of loose tummy muscles! Feed that bottomless pit- the baby wants it!

Love to you! xo

AndiMae said...

01. You are definitely not huge! I promise. But you are most definitely so very cute!

02. I love Amy snacks too- seriously. C'mon "Sunny D mom"- you're not supposed to be questioning your calling :)

03. I love your new house too! And I am so happy to see a blog post from you- although, who am I to talk? I never blog anymore either...


Sue Asbjornsen said...

Love even a tiny little blog entry. While we are away it gives us that connection to family we so need when any of our kids has a post. You should hear the heartbeat of the lil swimmer today!Love you.

jenny said...

I can't wait to see your new house...especially the "super duper kitchen and rockin' master bath"! If I remember correctly from the photos Joel showed me, you have windows on either side of your vanity in the master bath. I remember thinking how wonderful that would be to have natural light while getting ready!

Amy said...

i have been wondering where you were! but moving and being pregnant AND mom has got to keep you under the pile a bit!!! i totally know what you mean, i looked really pregnant right off the bat this time! cant wait to see pictures of your house and tummy.

Susan said...

Every pregnancy is SO different...I gained quicker with my last two than I did the first two...but I always gained about the same amount total.

I hear you about blogging from a place that reminds you of things that need to get done. UGH!

Have a good week.

Aleah said...

I used to finish my own dinner + Philip's left overs when I was pregnant : )

phone in the unflushed toilet? just a guess!

have a great weekend!

MamaBear said...

Congrats on all your new changes Amy! It's been a while since I've been here to visit - I added myself to your follower list this time so I can keep up in my google reader. Seems like there's less and less time to blog lately, but with igoogle I do my best to at least keep up on my reading.

Blessings from BearCountry!

Anonymous said...

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