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We decided to do our gingerbread houses on New Year's Day instead of Christmas to avoid the rush...and it ended up being a lot of fun! Parker was really interested in helping me so I decided early on to surrender and let it be his moment. I was really proud of him for helping me and staying focused for so long. And it was also impressive that he touched (and tasted) the frosting....this is a big step. I frosted the entire structure and he decorated the entire thing....love it!


The Boggs Family said...

What fun! I'm impressed. What a great mama you are!!! Thanks for your comment on our blog - we are so blessed to have you & Joel (and your boys) in our lives too. Ken & I are looking forward to a fun night spent downtown while Ken's parents (Nana & Grandpa Boggs) watch the kids overnight. I'm praying they do well--- though we'll see. This is a first. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun project :)


Susan said...

I love the idea of doing this in a "non-traditional" time.

Blessings for the new year.

:-) Susan

Elise said...

so fun! way to go, Parker!

by the way- i bought some sweet stripes on your recommendation, and let's just say i am both happy and mad that i bought 4 packages... at least they're low in calories, right? ;)

Aleah said...

Love this picture you took of the fun!

Looks yummy!

We have a kit from a white elephant game waiting to be put together.... hmmm.

Hope all is well!

Vintage Mommy said...

Your frosting is so shiny!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I noticed the house in your kitchen on Wednesday. What fun! I look forward to all kinds of new adventures w/ kiddos in the future:).

We loved your small group on Wednesday & hope to be back soon. Sadly, we had planned a gathering for this Wednesday a few weeks ago (with Andrew Stachofsky & his wife, actually...small world), but we are planning on being there the following week. Have a wonderful snow-day-less week:)!

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