One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk by myself at dusk. I think it is the most beautiful time of day and it is funny how everything seems to take on a new look...even my perspective! Tonight I was listening to the Once soundtrack. Oh, I love it....especially Falling Slowly- which is on my playlist. I play it so often, Parker is starting to learn the words. Have you seen that movie? You should. So great.

Tonight I got to think more about this little phase we're in. I feel like my life has taken a slight turn and I'm a little less busy around the house. All of the sudden, Parker is (finally) a little more independent and Griffin is more independent than ever. Of course, they need me around alot still, but they need less and less of my help. It is a strange feeling. My work around the house seems to be getting done for once and then I often find myself watching the boys play. I play referee quite often. Don't get me wrong--life is still busy...I have a one and a three year old! But things are just slightly less frantic. Oh, and for this I am so thankful!

Since I have a little more time right now, I've been reading a bunch and just plain taking it easy. I'm trying to take it while I can get it during the summer. This might end up being a true lazy summer for me because I am gearing up to take on a new role in the fall. Lots of changes! Parker will likely be starting preschool and I will start watching my cousins two children full time!! I am so thrilled and excited. I've been having a hard time explaining why. I'm not doing it for the money...and I certainly know that it is NOT going to be easy to have four children all day...but my heart is just ready for this. I guess I'll just have to elaborate later...but I'm just so excited to share our life with those kids.


Anonymous said...

Love that movie and soundtrack
Have a nice weekend. See you on Tuesday. Love you


Brady and Berta said...

Sometimes as Mom's we get to a spot where we can do for others after having had people do so much for us. It is a wonderful thing to be able to give back a little. It sounds like you are doing well. It is always nice to get an update every now and again.

Aleah said...

hmm...I'll have to put that one on our list!

That'll be busy but fun for all of you (kids too) when you start watching.

Sandy said...

Hi Amy - haven't visited you in a while. Didn't you love the movie Once? It was filmed right where Paul and I stayed and visited last year ..

Happy 4th weekend!

Wendy said...

Hi Amy, Miss hearing from you. Hope you are doing good. :)

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