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I think one of my unspoken resolutions for 2008 was to always be in the process of reading a book. It doesn't matter what it is....fiction, non-fiction, whatever. I've found that I am happier when I'm reading things that take me outside of my little world...amazing, eh? I've made it so far (without a gap) and have read some great ones! Some have been borrowed from friends or the library and others were purchased. But I'm halfway finished with Through Painted Deserts and I was starting to get nervous about what to read next. I found a great deal at Relevant.com....all of their books are $4 right now. Oh, how I love a bargain and some of them look really interesting. Check it out...and get reading!


Ginainchina said...

amy! I am the SAMEway, i am so much happier when i have a book to pick up during my down-time! can i borrow a good read :) ? :) gina

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